from the bottom of my empty heart

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Black Hole

we only live once,


we only die once.

this blankness is absorbing every inch of me, every cranny,

until the hole in my heart is noticeable no more.

i am a black hole,

eating every utterance murmured in my direction, consuming every thought into a field of faded flowers.


it used to bring me energy, resistance, hope-

but now it only brings me a black void, hungry and thirsty for more.

i was already heading that way, preparing to crash-

abort, abort

-but now what i was ready for is gone.

disappeared without a trace, my sanity, my misery, my memory.

gone with the wind,

with the sails,

with the treetops that belong to my dreams.

to her.

who is she?

i guess she's me.

only partly, that was before-

before i figured it out, and brought forth the storm.

the touch awoke, bright, shook me by the tips of my toes and the ends of the strands of my hair, my

beautiful, long, hair, only that was before, before the bright light surrounded, and bumped and pounded, and taught me what it was like...

to bleed.

to fight,

and to shout-

i'm here! hello!

to relish in the pain, exactly where i came from,

without her, i never would've gotten here.

now i am different.

alike, we're equals. one and the same.

we share the same brain, the same thought train, the same moons and stars and the sun and the skies.

we share our worlds,

but she is not i. she is her


while he's to the right, always by my side, my second-in-command, when the towel turned red.

and i, to the front and the center,

watching it happen, alive but not here.

only a perpetual black hole.

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