from the bottom of my empty heart

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Coffee: Part 1

Julia couldn’t call herself a romantic. The last thing she ever wanted to do was fall in love.

But when her eyes fell over that girl at the coffeshop, Julia forgot about that.

The sky was blue,

cloudless and hazy,

like Julia’s buzzing mind.

A volunteer position had called out to her at the local library,

so that’s where she had been.

Shelving books and sneaking peeks inside them.

The Saturday afternoon, streets noisy and sunny,

groups shouting and dogs barking,

kids laughing and babies crying.

In the middle of it all was Julia,

ready to go home.

Brown locks waving in the slight breeze, ticking her cheeks,

and Julia thought.

She thought about clouds, about dogs and about flowers,

about people and planets,

but mostly,

she thought about the future.

Her future.

When she thought about it, she didn’t imagine a house in the suburbs, full of a family.

She didn’t imagine bright summer mornings waking up to a beautiful face.

Instead, she thought of herself, sitting at a laptop, doing what loved most: writing.

She could write hours and not get bored.

In fact, she was currently writing a novel.

It was about a small kingdom that had become infested with diseased creatures. It was also a romance between the main character and the enemy.

Julia was almost done writing it.

Home came after

a silent taxi drive,

a short trip to the grocery store,

and retrieving the week’s mail.

In the apartment, then feed Daisy, her black-and-white cat.

Get some writing done.

Load laundry.

Dry laundry.

Fold laundry.

Put frozen dinner in oven.

Watch some TV.

Eat dinner.

Write some more.

And finally, Julia goes to bed.

That’s how her day goes.

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