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Coffee: Part 2

On Monday morning,

Julia’s close to a breakthrough.

Her lovers have confessed their love for each other, but now their respective societies are causing more chaos and they must work alongside each other to put a stop to it.

She walks into a coffeeshop, laptop in her backpack with her notebook and pen, and orders her usual, a plain black coffee.

She sits at her usual table and gets to work.

Fifteen minutes later she’s interrupted by someone slamming the door to the coffeeshop open and rushing through.

Her coffee’s nearly finished, but the chapter is far from it.

“I’d like a caramel frappe, please,” the newcomer says to the register. “Extra whipped cream.”

Five seconds before the world stops, Julia hears footsteps nearing her table.

Four seconds before the world stops and she barely looks away from her laptop.

Three seconds and she’s thinking about how she should describe her characters first kiss. Should it be short and sweet, or steamy and passionate?

Two seconds and she hears a voice. “Can I sit there, if you don’t mind? All the other seats are taken.”

One second, and Julia looks up.

Then the world stops.

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