from the bottom of my empty heart

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False Images

Bright white pearls

Big fancy curls

Wide fake grins

Hiding sins

Truths untold

Deemed beautiful

But disquietful

Bringing pain, heartbreak, rejection

Secrets unfold

Naming blemishes

Hiding relishes

Of past and future,

present and features

No emotions

Behind the facade

Lies a heart of choking

Drowning, broken

Disheartening, dishonoring

Black and white

Gasping for air

No more breath

The wisp of a soul

Floating to above,

Meeting its kin,

Whispering its wishes

And explaining its smiles

Kept walking for miles

High above

Treetops bold

Raindrops cold

Flutters old

Of past rile

But new beginnings

New starts

New faces,

Fresh faces

Old whimpers, new hushes

To finish the old, to establish the new

To raise once frowns

To delight in the trials

And rebuild castles forgotten

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