from the bottom of my empty heart

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Are You Okay?

(By me)
I sit still
My earplugs
are in, blasting
my playlist,
and I stare
at the sheet
of paper in
front of me.
I'm so
What are we
doing again?
Some sort
of discussion
on a war
that happened
long ago
and we cant forget
but people still
tend to.
I'm just a kid,
why put me
through this
daily battle
between myself
and my mind?

Through breaks
of pulling my
earplug out,
I hear someone
say to his friend,
"Are you okay?"
Sometimes I just
wish someone
would ask me that.
At school.
Someone I don't know,
who's just curious.
I would answer
with a simple
and they would nod,
and understand,
but say no more.
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