from the bottom of my empty heart

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Trust Me

mellow and inviting,

i will welcome you with open arms.

a mesmerizing grin,

holding all your desires.

no judgement.

no expectations.

freeing darkness,

swirling around you in enthralling patterns.

lulling your senses,

guiding you to happiness.

wrapping you in warmth and security,

fogging your mind

and covering your eyes.




do not let go.

never let go

for eternal bliss.

letting go means endless days,


a cornucopia of pain.

beautiful pain.

enveloping you,

choking you,

until i come back

and wrap you in my fervor.

i will bring you home.

i will show you the real you.

i will let you go.

i will make you finally devoid of reality.

trust me.

i’ll hold you,

when they won’t.

i’ll feel you,

when they won’t.

if you don’t fight me,

i will bring you joy at last.




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