from the bottom of my empty heart

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Every inch of me is trembling.
But I’m sweating.
And it’s hot in here,
(The fire burning)
but my hands are cold and clammy.
My nose is running,
and my eyes are dripping.
When I blink, all I see is a foggy swirl of colors.
My glasses are no help right now,
I wish they were gone.
They don’t help me see and instead cover my eyes with an invisible piece of tape,
blocking everyone out.
Scratching over the bright shades of blue, green, purple.
I don’t see the colors anymore.
Everything is either black, white, or gray.
It’s everywhere,
all consuming,
a blanket of snow draped over my head.
Sometimes someone takes it off.
Not for long, but it still comes off.
My glasses, they just stay stuck to my face, glued.
And my eyes, they’ve lost their color too,
they’re no longer the green color I’ve grown to love so much,
but a void swirling with gray tones.
The end of the string
and the beginning of nothing at all.

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