from the bottom of my empty heart

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a story of the senses.

Sitting here, alone,
The air doesn't feel so cold.
I can watch the sky in peace and wiggle my hands,
Free of hast onlookers
That judge my habits and words.

Here it is quiet, with no noise to disrupt my thoughts,
A stillness enveloping me like a soft blanket
And wrapping me in security.

A hushed word:
Step forward,
Step forward,
You need to step forward.
Get out of your shell and come join us.

Pull my hand, grind your teeth
And sigh, pull back
"What noise? There's no noise."
I don't believe you.
I can't.

Oh, don't you get it?
I'm not ignoring you, I'm just overwhelmed.

All these sounds,
All these feels,
Are just too much for this kind of day.
It's not enough, I need to move,
But I'm not celebrating.
I'm not jolly.
You think I enjoy this...
But you're wrong.
I want to, but it's
t o o m u c h

I checked out,
Of my body,
Of my mindset.
I'm somewhere else, in my head,
I'm somewhere more pleasant.
This place?
When I try to tune in, all I hear is
s t a t i c .
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