from the bottom of my empty heart

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Once Upon A Tale of Woe

Once upon a time,

A prince was born.

He was surrounded by people who cherished him and promised to always serve him,

But as he grew up, he realized—

He was lonely. And he was alone, even as people pulsed as one around him.

Holding him.

Steadying him.

But he was still alone.

He knew he always would be, no matter what.

Because there was a whole world out there besides his own,

One that he longed to see for himself

And tried repeatedly to escape his castle

To see the wonders beyond.

He ventured out, a wide smile on his face.

He had finally made it out. He was free.

He was free, and he was alive.

He could now see everything, hear everything, and feel everything he had been missing.

It was a tragedy.

His body was found three days later,

Washed up on the shore of the river near the forest.

The parents, the king and the queen, were outraged.

They scoured the land for their son

And all they found

Were the remains of his dreams,

And those dreams had been achieved.

If only he had thrived to tell the tale.

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