from the bottom of my empty heart

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Who We Were

can you believe it? it’s been more than a decade and i wish my old self was here, clueless but careless

we were once children.

believe it or not.

once long ago, we grinned

carelessly and ran into our

parents’ arms, giddy with

excitement and anticipation.

we danced to loud music,

ate spicy food,

three times a day.

and we only cried if the

imaginary monsters under

our bed and in our closet were

making long shadows stretch

across our bedroom floor.


wouldn’t it be lovely

to step backwards

just for a moment?

feel the calming stillness in our bodies just as we fell asleep?

our mind not slowly killing us but feeding us with young ideas and new concepts.

once too long ago we were kids, and now we’re not.

not plagued by limitless thoughts but with echoes of tomorrow’s promises and today’s achievements?

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