from the bottom of my empty heart

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Fever Dream // Void

written from “yes & no” by XYLØ

i want something more than this

more than this body

more than this existence

more than this view of the world

why can’t i just see myself like i wish i could?

like an invisible person would

i need you to see the void

i need you to fill the void

and i’m trying my hardest

to let you.



i don’t know.

do you like me?

i think i’m falling.

i think i’m dying.

i don’t know whether to pull you closer or push you away.

i’m not in the mood for this battle.

but you don't know.

two years

since i was young

and i'm halfway to my end

damn girl

with a bobby pin?


are you really that desperate?

i hope

when this all ends

you'll (i'll) remember that i felt like i owed the world my heart

smash my head on a bottle

don't wake up in the morning

what if i went and didn't come back

how would you feel


little miss screwup

mr choke

would i still be here if i kissed you?

flirting with death

and coming out victorious

not a play on words

not a metaphor

no more

i think i'm ready, now

i think i'm done, now

i think you can take me, now

kiss me or kill me, now

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