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After the successful publishing of POETRY OF NO GENRE part 1 and 2 to critical acclaim and the delight of poetry lovers across the Lagos socialsphere .. Joseph Jasper Ellah AKA Joe Ellah is ready to treat his followers this summer to the 3rd installment of Poetry Of No Genre Series (PONG3).. With an abstract expression of complex emotions, captivating storytelling plots and employing simple poetic techniques such as Hyperbole, Repetition, Allegory, Oxymoron, Metaphors, Alliteration and Rhyme.. the one time Runner-Up for the Wole Soyinka's LUMINA Prize for Literature Awards.. Whom many people came across as a viral Audiomack Rapper (some others as a Graphics Designer and Waiter) craftsfully shows us why he's a wordsmith and lyricist to be reckoned with in Lagos Nigeria and Africa as a continent. Follow @LifeOfEllah Fasten your seat-belt take a trip in the train of thought of one of Lagos Nigeria's most talented and Vibrant Poets under 30.. Joe Ellah PONG3™

Poetry / Adventure
Joe Ellah
Age Rating:

LGLAR (Long Gone Like A Rifle)

I get these visions of you and me
Sunset, silhouettes and shadows
long red gown
flapping in the night breeze

there's you heading uphill
against the stinging chill
all for a dollar
and maybe the thrill of it

recurring visions hit me
this time, they sting
my arms lash out
to grip a scene

to freeze and peek
to feel, at least
but Like a rifle
they're long gone

Long enough to trick the mind
Long enough for my eye to see
nothing but a glimpse
of nothing
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