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Brent Franklin
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Escape hell

Crossing dates off my calendar
One by one,
Can’t believe I’ve lost everyone.
I wonder if I’ll feel better in a year?
Or will I die from exhaustion,
from the worry and the fear......
To tell the truth I don’t care if that year even comes.
I think I’m shutting down, and becoming numb.
I don’t think I can improve myself..
I don’t think I’ll avoid this hell!
The hell I built, I put up the walls!
I welded the bars and turned the fire on.

But, if I built it then I should know how to escape......
It was designed by me, to seal my fate!
I have the blueprints and the resources now.
Don’t care for how long, I’m gonna get out.
I know this isn’t where I should be.
Forgiveness not given, but I’m truly sorry.
I hope oneday they will understand!
And I’ll always be there to lend them a hand!
gotta go, done writing for now.
Im escaping my hell.........
Just watch and I’ll show you how!!!!!!!
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