Mary's Prayers

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Prayers 2

Consecration to Mary

I put my life in Mary's hands. She accepts me for who I am. Mary loves me unconditionally. She keeps me safe forever, and delivers me from all my problems. I thank Mary. Thank you, Mom. Amen.

Mental Peace Invocation

My Lady of Mental of Peace, my life at this moment is in urgent need of your motherly love, encouragement, protection, and endearment. I invoke you, Most Holy Virgin Mary, to receive your signal graces at this very moment. Amen.

Armor and Weapons Upgrades

Most Holy Virgin, surround me in your protection. You are the Ark of the Covenant, an impenatrable shield. Your weapons are more powerful than any manufactured by mortals and those of the fallen ones. Mary, you are my protectress. My life is a constant battle that I lose again and again. Every time I regain strength my enemies attack with greater force. Please, my precious Mother of Mothers, defend me. Defeat my opponents. Amen.

Commander of All the Wings of Heaven

Mary Ever Virgin, you command all the angels as their Queen. You are the Commander of All the Wings of Heaven. Save me, gracious Mother! Please, save me from this despair, this destitution. My enemies have followed Satan's orders. They have crushed me by their privilege and might. Save me, Mistress of Heaven. Save me, Virgin of Virgins. Save me, Most Kind Mother. Thank you, Commander Mary. Amen.

Fallen Soldier

Mary, I have fallen in battle. My Queen, I ask you to come to my aid. I am in need of your rescue. I serve thee forever and ever, my Queen. Lady of Grace, Mary Most Holy, Daughter of the Eternal Father, Mother of the Son of God, and Spouse of the Holy Spirit: I am your fallen soldier. Rescue me from my miseries. Make my heart better. Lady of Grace, secure my salvation so that I may rest forever in Zion, the Kingdom of Kingdoms, the Heaven of Heaven, the Abode of the Most High. Amen.

Veteran Elite

Mother of Perpetual Help, you have seen more battles and waged war with the most savage of God's enemies. Through your virtues, you possess the power of heart and the courage of Christ. Deliver me, Veteran Elite of the Most High. Save me from the scourge of my enemies. I plead as your child. Remove from me all pests and snares. Remove from me all disease and sorrow. Remove from me hopelessness. Remove from me the powers of Satan. With your focused assault, crush the Adversary. My Mother, Veteran Elite, I invoke you forever as my defense. Amen.

Scope of Zion

Like a laser sniper weapon, Lady of Grace, your surgical precision is unmatched. The Devil is the most powerful enemy, but with your trained hands and soldiers at ready, you can deliver me from his pests and demonic hordes. I am devoured by Satan's armies in a deep and dark forest of thorns entrenched within a valley of stench and mire. Every move I make is matched by the enemy tenfold. Satan's cunning wrath is calculated and devestating to my spirit, to my flesh. I stand no chance against Satan's plague, his tempest of rejected beasts. In captivity within their territory I am led around like a rat through a deceptive maze. My enemies laugh at me and deride my actions. The graces I seek and receive are twisted against me by intelligent spies beset on transforming me into tragic waste. But you see me, my Mother! From Zion you aim with your scope. You aim for each of my tormentors. You dissolve their plans and lay waste to their traps. You foil every device they have mastered. In their designs and conceit, Satan and his comrades are smashed by your handiwork. You are the craftsman of elite soldiers. You have formed me after your Son: trained me to be quick and efficient. But I have spent all my skill and it is not enough to stop these ogres. By your grace, I will be spared desolation. O Scope of Zion, Lady of Grace, Mother of Jesus, Virgin Most Powerful, pray for me! Strike at my enemies now, lest they prevail. All the ground they have gained make them lose ten thousand fold. By your grace I will be spared. Amen.

Champion of Mercy

In all the tournaments throughout space and time, in the contest of champions there is none greater than you, Humble Mother. Mary, you are the most legendary athlete! You alone are the greatest Champion of Mercy, having said "yes" to God's restorative plan. Salvation was born of you whose womb is blessed most among women. Take pity on me, Champion of Mercy, in my journey. Mother of Mercy, Mother of the Word Incarnate, I shall be empowered by your graces. I wear your Miraculous Medallion as a talisman of exceptional and merciful force to deliver me from all my insecurities, helplessness, and destitution. In this race of life, I call upon no greater spirit than the Holy Spirit: whose Life you share abundantly. I invoke your patronage, Mary Most Holy. I call to the, Mighty Mother of God. Champion of Mercy, by your powerful intercession, your illustrious powers, I will be able to perform well in all my days as an athlete after your example. Amen.

Light of Grace

I fear the night, the darkness that conceals predators that seek me and the flock. But you are the most powerful and most beautiful, Mary! You are the Light of Grace whose eyes pierce and ignite the darkness. You are the apex predator whose prey is Satan. The Devil cowers and hides as you prowl the woodlands and meadows, the valleys and mountains, the ruins and hallowed grounds, the homes of all the good and your friends. You spread your wings, Queen of Angels, and light shines brightly on every feather. With resolute and august beauty you encourage those who fear the night. And when I see you, my heart glows! All of those who seek my life are scattered and crushed in your hunt. For you are unlike all the beasts. You are Queen of Zion, Empress of the Great King, God's Huntress. You are Mary, the Morning Star, who brings the Light. I step into your presence and so much is illumined that I see every grain of dust on the earth. And I venerate you, Mother and Queen. I honor you as your child, and hail you as Gabriel the Messenger. In your eyes I see Christ. Amen.

Beskar of Heaven

Many have heard the tales of the great warrior who travels the stars. He is the Mandalorian and his Beskar armor is very powerful. With it, he protects the Child---his son imbued with great and mystical strength. But there is a Beskar beyond the beyond that adorns the mightiest shield maiden. And she is the Beskar of Heaven, Mary Most Holy!

Virgin Mary, Most Favored by our God, shield me! Clothe me in your beautiful armor, Beskar of Heaven. Amen.

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