Mary's Prayers

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Prayers 3

Loving Jesus
O Loving Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, I think of you as perpetual sunshine that never fades. Your beams light all the paths of righteousness. To your great tribe you give graces and bountiful treasures. You, Lord, are the Greatest of All the Chiefs. You are the King, the one true Pharaoh, God and Man.
O Loving Jesus, your drive the bog of eternal stench, that refuge of waste called Hell, away from my trail. Your Mother, Our Great Mother, meets me on the Way. She nourishes me and consoles me. O Loving Jesus, devout and true, you are faithful to your people. In you the great tribe of Zion places all its trust. And your fidelity is unmatched.
O Loving Jesus, in whom I have friendship and communion, you have given us a strong guardian. Saint Joseph, quiet and meek, stands as a terrible foe to all evil. Joseph will save us. He will hold us in his loving arms as he holds the Child Jesus. In Joseph's arms there is God! "Look to Joseph!" The people cry. And all those who invoke his mighty intercession are blameless and safe.
O Loving Jesus, the Holy Family is the model of your tribe. Our Eternal Father smiles radiantly upon you, Joseph, and Mary Our Queen.
The Holy Spirit, most precious and full of life, your peace is wild and free. I rest in your Family's nest as a broken eagle. When an animal is hurt it is helpless and fearful. When you try to help your creatures, sometimes they are angry. We do not understand. Have pity on your friends, Lord.
There is only life with the Lord. There is life within your tribe! Calling to you I ask for gentleness and peace, safety and calm, love and understanding: these traits of yours are present in your mercy, Love. And God, support me. Keep my enemies away. Turn them back against themselves, lest they destroy my faith in Thee by their attacks upon my life.
O Loving Jesus, I am one of your people. I am hurting all over. I am hurting all inside. I have only perpetual torment as if Hell has already consumed me. But keep Hell away from me and all your people. We know you are merciful and loving. We know you are inclusive and supportive of your people: loving all broken souls. Tend to my wounds, precious Lord. Shine on me always and let me not be forgotten. When I pass into the afterlife I hope to hug you and weep tears of joy.
Our Lady of the Tear of Joy, may we weep together.

Kisses of Heart
Mary, I see Jesus's Heart in my mind. I see his image and kiss his precious Sacred Heart. It is peaceful. It is good.
I hold my Lord's hands and I kiss his wounds.
I hold my Lord's feet and I kiss his wounds.
I lay on his soft belly and kiss his wounded side.
Every scar he has was for the sake of his people. And for this I love my Chief, the one who dies for me. I am his bounty. I am his spoils in his conquest of evil.
Rescue me, Mother. And send me kisses from your Immaculate Heart.
When I see the Lord's Face and Heart I am at peace. At once I am gently put to rest. Jesus smiles and knows my heart. I rest my head on his loving chest. I hear the drum of Good beat everlasting. Amen.

Mary Sweetest of All
Mary, you are my sweetness and my hope. Who cannot help but be calmed by your spirit. You are the choicest of all the fruits of God. And from your humility came our salvation. Mary, Mother and Mediatrix, you are the answer to my life. You are the dreams of life. Though I cannot see you perfectly, when I speak to you in prayer I am comforted. Mary you are sweetest of all. You will not leave me. This I know. For you care for me always. There are those who hurt me. They wound my spirit and my life. But when I call to you I receive consolation. Mary Sweetest of All, pray for me and love me as my Mother forever. Amen.

Mary Gentle Breeze

As the evils of life strike upon me, the fires of Hell rage gladly. All the demons rejoice when I am weary. "We have extinguished all the faith within your life" the villains sing proudly. But when I call to Mary Ever Virgin Mother of God, the most gentle breeze lays waste to all the dreams of my enemies. My anguish is expelled. The might of Mary is stronger than all these foes. And even when I am not at peace quickly, I know you are holding me still. And who dares to strike at her who crushes the head of Satan? The exceptional malice existent in my life, all the sorrows and pains I have, are still with me. Take them Mother. Mary Gentle Breeze and Tender Light, be my Mother now and forever. Hold me all my life. Amen.

Rosary Bow

The enemy strikes with many weapons. I am a lone soldier in the thick of battle. There is no exit from the battlefield. My heart sinks. And then I remember the Sacred Bow, the Rosary. Though it is small, its power is far greater than any. I hold the Rosary. I cling to the Rosary. All my faith is in that Rosary! O God and Mary hear my prayers. I am a soldier in need of angels and miracles. I am soldier in need of God and His Family, His friends. Amen.

Weapon of Choice

The armory of mortals is pathetic. All weapons are useless against the Devil. But among the ancient fortress I have found Mary. She has called me! You, my Mother of Mothers, you have provided me with the answer. Now, I am strong against my foes. My hopelessness is cured.
Yet, Weapon of Choice, I fall. In my babblings, as Jesus tells, my prayers are ineffective. No salutation dressed in formality and colorful banners is enough to make my God act! And Mary, my protector, why am I so sad? I call to you, Mary Help of Christians! My faith is shattered, my armory destroyed. And my enemies deride me for calling on you, Mary Most Holy. Come to my aid, dear Mother. Rescue me from disaster, from despair. I am a tragedy without you, Mary! You are my only hope! By your Immaculate Heart and Conception all is well. God listens to all you say. Out of love for you, God hears his friends. Hear me, please, Christ. Spare me from all the Hell that presses against me. Amen.

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