Mary's Prayers

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Prayers 4

Ocarina of Time

Mother, my Momma Mary, you are the Mother of All Creation, and the Mother of God! Your lips speak like the Ocarina of Time. There are no words to express my joy for thee !!

You sing to my heart. Softly you sing. Your song consoles me. It soothes my broken spirit. It is a great medicine. All the angels and healers learn from you.

In your blessed humble prayer, you have gained all of Heaven and by listening to God you have brought the Savior.

No longer will I weep when I hear your tender Immaculate Heart and gentle voice. I will listen to your song as you listened to God, for I know you know God greatest. And I am relieved to call you 'Mother'. At long last the salve of your compassion brings consolation.

Play your songs forever, Ocarina of Time!
Do not forget me, your child dearest!
Do not abandon me to the world!
I choose you, Greatest of All the Fairies, Queen and Guardian of All Fantastic Worlds!

Hold me in your loving arms and please do not forsake me. You, the timeless one, the Ocarina of Time, whose powers are beyond all the worlds. You who I call Mother Dearest. I sing praises to you, and desire to give my Mother of Mothers great honor.

God loves his Mother forever.
I, as a child of heart, as one that longs to be Kokiri, I am Mary's forever and ever !! May your angels, your beautiful fairies and magic, your spirit and your Heart Navi-gate me in all my quests. 🧚‍♀️❤️


Sister Princess, Daughter of Mary

Princess Philomena, it is to you I bring myself. You know everything in my heart. This I hope. Watch over me, my sister. Watch over me Princess, Daughter of Mary, Daughter of Light. When I take communion I think of your belonging to God. I follow your light, Princess. Thank you for being my friend. Amen.

Little Mama Mary

When I see the Little Mama Mary, your little statue warms my heart. Your smile brings me comfort beyond words. I go to thee when I am entrenched by despair. When my gifts have been plundered, when my earthly treasures are all but spent, I know I can go to you for consolation. Little Mama Mary in the Blessed Statue, you give me hope that everything is okay: that you have solved all my problems. And no more will my enemies rob me of my earthly treasures and necessities. No longer will they be able to convince me that my hope is in vain. Little Mama Mary in the Blessed Statue, pray for me, bless me, and protect me. Thank you, Little Mama Mary. Amen.

Transformer Mother

My sweet Mother Mary Ever Virgin, you have come to your tribe in many forms over the millennia. You have comforted every people. You visited the children at Fatima. You brought miracles in a time of plague as Our Lady of the Woods. Your miracles increase every day. You are with God more abundantly than any in Creation. The enemy, the Evil Knight of Hell who reeks with the stench of halitosis and death, lies to me constantly. Satan is paralyzing and his attacks are ferocious! But Saint Joseph and Christ my Master protect me vigilantly. Even so, the Devil scourges me with pestering: speaking lies with his deception, trying to convince me through dangerous minds that I am the cause of the Apocalypse: his provocation brainwashes the people to think I am the one to challenge Christ at the end of the world. The Devil laughs as he tells them that LGBTQIA people are products of his own design: that I am the Antichrist. He divides the people into civil unrest. He divides and conquers, twisting faith against itself, against God by the deception of malicious fallacies. The stench of evil infects the people, and the tribe of Christ suffers. The Body of Christ is stifled by the presence of Satan's infamous lies! His boundless treachery of the heavenly forces continues to wipe the people clean from existence.

Theophilus knew of these demon forms. Whether it is the 12th form or 12th trillionth form of Satan, the keepers of light discern with Truth and equity. The reception of God's graces transforms the people day by day into a handsome crop. But the ravaging vines of malice beguile the wheat to stifle and perish. The plentitude of light vanishes by the seeds of evil. Victory over evil is impossible. All the good energy totems, all the symbols of goodness throughout the lands become as nothing but sigils stained with malice. But as Saint Luke has told us through the Archangel Gabriel, "nothing shall be impossible for God."

You, my Mother Mary Blessed Ever Virgin, are my sweetness and my hope! You magnify the powers of God. His goodness surges through your rays of light infinitely and exponentially. The Body of Christ is kept within your Mantle. You are the avenger that strikes against every opponent, every liar that abuses your sacred children. Consecrated to you, I humbly implore your loving protection. My guardian angel unites its power to yours like never before! Your light is an unquenchable fever the enemies of God cannot stand. Evil is slain by the forces of Good. Christ, the Love, is an impenatrable stronghold. The wheat is strong by his hands.

The enemy is a facetious and ravenous liar, like Scar from The Lion King. Scar was the one who killed Simba's father, Mufasa. And the Adversary continues to convince many, even Christians, that I am evil because of who I am.

Our people are not just male and female. We are a people of many united by God's Holy Light: the magnitude of which is so bright that it scourges the Devil's eyes stronger than the flames of atoms. We are souls that revere the saints and you are our Heavenly Mother!

You my Queen are the victorious Most Blessed Ever Virgin Mary. You have many forms! But you are a Transformer Mother.

I am but one form. By your grace you gift the people with good medicines to help me. Now I seize the kairos, and I cling to your mighty hands. I cling to your prayers and your grace. I transform by your graces. I transform by the love of Christ and all his gifts.

Jesus, Mightiest of All Warriors, conquer the skies of Satan! The demons are purged by your ultimate and limitless power! I pray Mary, that you continue to help me in all that God has blessed me to be.

I am beautiful. I am loved. I am worthy because of grace. Jesus has scars, and the Scar that is Satan is bound in the recesses of the deepest Hell. The Netherworld moans in agony as the souls Satan promised it never reach its fiery plains. The shores of Heaven glow with the people's radiance. You have brought us the Greatest Light, Mother Mary! You have brought us Jesus! Lucifer could not light a candle in his darkness. Satan spews hatred like vomit from his disgusting and twisted heart. Crush him, my Mother. Please...

God rejoices at my friendship with thee, O Sweet Mary Queen! You are my Mother forever! You are my dearest ally and friend, my keeper and consolation. I ask you to keep the enemy far from me. Help me and others who seek the One True Light. Radiant Star of the Sea, may you guide me wherever I am.

I am transgender and I am a child of Mary. I am Mary's child. I am one of the people. And in your arms Sweet Maiden Queen, you carry me across the seas and skies of despair. The Kingdom of Zion glistens like ten trillion stars forever and ever. Likewise, I am yours forever and ever. I praise God with you. Like the greatest Transformer from Cybertron, you my Queen lead me in the path to your Son.

I ask of you Mary that you not let the Devil, nor any of my abusers, hurt me anymore. I forsake their abuse, the cruel whips of their evil tongues. I forsake the mockery and scourge they bring upon the candles of God. Be with me, Mary Queen. Be with me.... Amen.

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