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I started writing poetry in the 5th grade. My poems are based off my life experiences and some were created from prompts that were assigned or that I found. I’m constantly writing poetry because it helps clear my mind and organize my thoughts at times.

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Night Hike

Walking through the dark with only a flashlight
To light my path late at night passing by cabins
While frogs croaking and crickets chirping their songs
As I look up at a brightly lit starry sky
Seeing every star and constellations in the night
As I look up a shooting star had crossed through the sky
Making a wish on that fallen star until it disappeared
quickly into the night
I won’t say what my wish is
Then it won’t come true
Walking and hanging out with friends on the night hike
Looking up to the sky while pointing to different constellations
The cold fresh air surrounding us while walking back
My friends were shot through my life like a shooting star
They’re the ones I won’t forget
Walking through the dark with only a flashlight
To light my path late at night passing by cabins
While frogs croaking and crickets chirping their songs
As I look up at the brightly lit starry sky
Walking, talking, and laughing with my friends
While we walk back from the night hike
To head to our cabins to turn in for the night
My Friends were shot through my life like a shooting star
They're the ones I won't Forget.
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