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This my first time posting my poems for people to see. I started writing short poems to deal with my emotions. Mostly my anger sadness for the things I couldn't say for the fear of hurting others. The poems are not only one emotion though at least i do not think. My writing still needs some work so I apologise if it does not make sense. I hope some can relate and find comfort and humour from this. From how i experience the world. I hope you like it. Love, Callie

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The Climb pt 1

Round and Around,
I go again,
As my pain reminds me
That it has defeated me once again

It feels different thus time
This time i feel hopeful
And ready
To start again

I once again began to climb
Up the mountain of recovery
Where boulders of numbing sadness
Roll and crush me to the point of giving up
And returning to warm embrace of paralysing slumber

Climbing that mountain was better than
Giving up and staying on the ground
Even with being crushed by the boulders
Of my self inflicting depression
Trying to stop me

It only makes me want to
Keep going
I do not onow what is at the top
If it is happiness
Or simply mor trail to trek

The chance of me being myself again...
Scratch that
Better than myself
Is the only thing
That I need to ebcourage me

False hope or even real hope
Is better tjan nothing

So climb we me
as we get happier
Or sadder with each day
Is beneath are feet
But at leadt it was all worth it

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