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Am I real?

Am I real?

I feel so unstable and broken,

Like I'm on fire,

I bottled up everything inside and look like I don't care,

And it always comes back to that one question,

Am I real?

Tears always come down like they own my face,

Creating pathways in between,

Am I real?

I can't stop with that question,

Am I real?

My mind spins further and further away,

I become so distant to people,

Thinking that it would be easier,

But it only gets worse,

Am I real?

I stand quiet and alone,

As everyday ends and the next day begins,

My mind is going crazy,

I'm battling every thought,

What do you do when you're so broken and exposed?

Am I real?

I feel so troubled,

Always opposing to negative thoughts,

Am I real?

Life causes so much pain,

Just having to think about my own life makes me hurt even more,

I need it to stop,

Am I real?

I am so weak,

So broken,

So exposed,

I'd rather be quiet than loud,

I'd rather have a boat by myself than one full of people,

Am I real?

So much chaos,

So much destruction,

So much pain,

So many things that are harsh in life,

Will it ever end,

And again, back to the same question,

Am I real?

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