The Gentlemen

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Just a short poem about a otherworldy gentlemen

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The Gentlemen

The gentlemen casually stepped into a town with an expression that was quite the opposite of a frown. He stopped and stared, then cautiously looked around, but no one of purity could be found. The man’s appearance now caught on to the townsfolk. Some even took the man as a joke. They smirked and giggled as the man planted his cane on the ground with a slight wiggle. He cleared his throat then said, ” My my, what a sinful place,” which leads all the people to have a confused look on their face. A woman shouted, ” Excuse me, sir?” But the man ignored her as if she were a blur. He then continued, β€œYou are all sick and twisted with a hint of corruption, so it is my job to snatch your children like a swift abduction. Your souls are black as Hades pit, which smells as bad as you pieces of shit ” A teen picked up a rock and tossed it at the man, but it went through him as if he were sand. The townsfolk all let out a gasp of fear, which made the man’s smile widen from ear to ear. An elderly woman shouts, ” This devil is a trouble seeker, ” But the man corrected her by saying, ” No fool, I’m the grim reaper.”

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