He as a spell on me

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Beach cricket and SIng

Australian were batting first, Allan Border (captain), Jeff Thomson, Kim Hughes, Dean Jones, Dennis Lillee, Damien Fleming and Mark Waugh. The balling team was Sri Lankan Arjuna Ranatunga (captain), Marvan Atapattu, Aravinda de Silva, Romesh Kaluwitharana, Roshan Mahanama, Kumar Dharmasena and Upul Chandana. The England team Alastair Cook (captain), Ian Bell, Matthew hoggard, Monty Panesar, Andrew Strauss, Chris Tremlett and Paul Collingwood

Half an hour to go for first beach cricket around, there is four teams and each team plays three games than the two teams with most wins’ playoff in the final. The Rules of beach cricket is not like anything like other cricket games. Here are the rules for beach cricket. The series incorporated rules that are a hybrid of the regular game and that of indoor cricket. As with the regular game boundaries score 6 runs if hit over the perimeter, and 4 if the ball hits the ground before passing or touching the perimeter. There are eight overs in an innings, with the final two overs declared “Captain’s Choice” in which each side’s captain is allowed to picks the batsmen and bowlers of their own choosing. For the first six overs, batsmen and bowlers are swapped out every two overs. When a batsman is dismissed, he keeps batting — however, he loses runs. A score is decreased by 5 runs when the batsman has been dismissed by two-handed catch, and by 7 runs with a one-handed catch. It is possible to score into negative numbers. A batsman cannot be dismissed LBW if he plays a shot. The series uses a plastic drop-in pitch to allow the ball to bounce, and batting and bowling only take place facing one direction. The Coolangatta arena initially featured an open boundary along the surf, allowing fielding to be possible in the water however this was later removed due to crowd control concerns.

The two former Victorians were to open the batting for the Australians against England. Dean Jones and Damien Fleming, been a Victorian myself I cheer the Aussie on. Slanging the other team, name calling, put downs were the order of the day. Dean Jones a well know all-rounder, it was recognized for not only his back to back 100’s in the first test for Australia but in that same game 200 in the second innings in 40-degree heat. Damien Flemings was known for his balling than his batting there for it was little stunned for us to see him open the batting alongside, Dean. I blink as see him walk out with Dean. “What going on,” I ask myself than anyone else. Everyone was in surprised as I was about Damien open long side Dean. What was Aussie playing at by making a move like that? Dean was facing and the first ball was hit over our heads for six.

We all yell, jumping out our sites. Alec whispers in my ear, “do not look but there is a group of girls looks at you as if you’re crazy.”

I hit him on the arm, and tell him “no you that look at your top all wet and it white, not to say it totally transparent, that just can’t get enough of your six pack.” I tap his tummy and watch as his face turn nice deep red.

I could tell Emily had a smile on her face, the smartie was listened in on our flirting which is nothing new for us but i admit that I was flirting more than normal but now that Emily was the young teen she thinks it happens between two people in love. She right but we were just friends it something I couldn’t explain to anyone. She has been reading too many romantic stories, that and the fact she was too young to understand this is how it as always has been between Alec and me. Alec and I love each other always have always will, we don’t have to be seen each other romantically for us to know that we will be there for one another. It is something Emily doesn’t understand. I am at lost as how to make her understand. Say that however, I had ever intention to make a couple out of us.

The games come to end with Sir Lanka win against the England in the final by 50runs. With Jayasuriya make 130 out 259 for the Lankans. It was great to see him again hold the fast 100 in a 20/20 game at his age of 32 and as a team, the Lankans have the highest score for a 20/20 game. We made our way back to the cabin, I was first to take a wash and change into my nightshirt that came down to my keens. I made my way down to the kitchen to see if I could help the mothers only to find that the dads have to BBQ started and the mothers were sitting around the table with a glass of wine talking. I make my way off to the DVDs cabinet and start to go over them. Then my eyes get to pull the last area of the DVD that stands seem to out. It was singing stars play station. An idea from in my head Oh yeah I am going to have fun.

The last time Alec and I were at did this was a party at his place over a year ago and we kick butt. I looked around for a place I could hide the video camera it only took me ten mins to set the hold thing up. Ten mins later Emily comes down I let her in on my Idea and it was better than the itching powder. It was going to be every long year for Jackson. I smile as we put our plan into action.

That night we all played singing star and I had video tape the hold thing. Now all I had to do what convert it to the computer and then link it to his school blog. It well is Email every student in the school. Poor Jackson wouldn’t know that hit him.

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