He as a spell on me

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TO tell or not to tell

The next morning, I was up before five, I got my dad laptop and got a start on editing the video from the night before. By half past six I was done, I save it to the file name holiday bloopers. There were few clips of yesterday games as will. When Jackson dropped a sitter during our game and fall face first into mud and when the wave wiped him out.
Anything that made him look like a fool you name it, it was in the video.

By six I was done and made my way to the shower and have a long hot shower too weak me up. I was ready to start my day by half past six. Wearing black short shorts, with felt rounded covered black beach shoes and red cotton T-shirt. My hair was up in a high ponytail. Been up from five which mean I would have to miss out on my morning run. I put in my earphones and listen to music as did some drawings which have become my favourites past time. Alec came down at seven long with our mothers. He was in light blue T-shirt and faint blue Levi and fit nicely showing off his package. I did watch him over the top of my daring pad not really lifting my head up to get a really good look at him. As always he was barefoot. He stood behind the chair and watching me.

Not really know what I am drawing the outline of Alec face start to form on the page. Then the outline of his body with the background of the beach and when I get to his Levi’s, I think of changing it little to make have few buttons undone. But my brain as other plans, when it was done was about to close when Alec took the book of me and start to throw it and I let him. The most of the drawing are of him, at the beach, at the cricket, playing basketball, playing soccer and so on. Two of three of them are without a shirt.

“What make you so sure that I got six pack?” he asked

“I know you do,” I tell him

“Sure I do it call beer gut,” he says

I lift his shirt, “See that call a hardcore six pack” I tell him

He laughed and asked “when have you ever see it” pull his shirt down.

I feel my cheek turn red, I look away from him. I asked him “which time do you want to know about”

He looks at me with shock, asking me “what do you mean which time?”

I feel my cheek turn deep red. “I think I am going pass out,” I tell him.

I drink two glass of water and he stops me when I go for my third. “Tell me one time,” he asked me

I take a deep breath and say “Tad party, it a white and black party. You had white T-shirt on with black suit pants. You were yelling at Mole and he pushed you into the pool and when you got out, we’ll let just say white and water is not one that we can pull off without showing what we hidden under it.”

“How many other time have you see my so call six pack,” it asked

“Five,” I tell him and add “please don’t ask” he nodded his head at me. The other join us so the topic so dropped.

The day was planned we were going to the Buckingham Caves and then on to the park for lunch. The park was in the framing area. Lots of wild animals roamed around the park look for a free feed. We were in the bus heading towards the caves the tour of the caves would take three and half hours. Our first stop was pine forest, where we just walk around and somehow we lost the others. It was Alec and me I took his hand in mine which is not really of character for us. I had to think for a way to let him know I was ready for the next step. I know I give him hints and when I told him off out Kiss. I have to bring it up, but how. I could just kiss him and if I just put everything into the kiss and hope he gets it.

I sighed and look around for others and to see if anyone was about not seen, anybody. I stop making Alec stop alongside me. I don’t let go of his hand, it been six months ago Lisa walked away from him. I am really scared, I have a lot of unanswered questions and the main two are “Is he ready to move on? Does he still feel the same way about me?”

How do I bring these up, I have never been so terrified of his reaction before? I took up at him and I am nervous, I don’t know what to ask.

He must have seen the fear on my face because he asked me. “What worry”

I take a deep breath open my mouth but anything comes out just hot air. I had been to know to lose my voice when I get nervous. I trembling and he pulls him into tie hug. He says “you can ask me anything you know that right”

I can only nod my head. I want to badly to kiss him, I miss his sweet picky lips. I have dreamed about them for the last eight years. I had a tasty of them eight ago and now I dream of them, I miss the sweet taste of them and how I wish I could once again feel them against mine. how do I tell him?

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