He as a spell on me

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Moments we share

I did not have the courage to tell them then. I start walking again and still holding on to his hand. We start to head back to the ward the van. It seems that we were the first ones back.

“I feel like sing”

Alec said “I like to hear you sing, you got a smooth voice” I look at him and tell him

“I think your biased”

Alec said “no really you better than half these people who it Idol”

I look at him and say “you think so”

he just nodded his head and add “sing to me” he looks me in the eyes with a puppy dog look he say “Please”.

Funny how I can never say no to him and so I start to sing. I still hold on to his hand with the first words come out of my month. I look up into his eyes.

Bone, bone, bone, bone, bone, bone, bone, bone, bone
Tell me what ya gonna do
where there ain’t nowhere to run
when judgment comes for you,
when judgment comes for you?
What ya gonna do
where there ain’t nowhere to hide
when judgment comes for you,
Cause it’s gonna come for you

He let my hand go and his hands found themselves around my midway and my found their way around his neck. His forehead against mine.

let’s all bring it in for Wally
Easy sees Uncle Charlie,
Little Boo, God’s got him,
and I’m gonna miss everybody,
I done roll with flows my game, looked at him while he lay
When playing with destiny, play too deep for me to say,
Lil Lazy came to me told me if he should decease
well then please bury me by my Gran Gran and when you can come follow

we just share together and sing to him. This will always be out song no matter what happens.

God bless you working on a plan to heaven
follow the Lord all 24/7 days
God is who we praise even though the devil’s all up in my face.
He keepin me safe and in my place
say grace to the gates we race,
but I change the face of judge,
then I guess my soul won’t budge, grudge,
because there’s no mercy for thugs,
ohhhhhh what can I do, it’s all about a family and how we roll
Can I get a witness not enough fool
We livin our lives to eternal our souls ay o ayo...

He has a small smile and his eyes have a far way look his milling miles away and I know he’s gone back in time. Back in the in that bedroom where we dance to this song for the first time.

Heeeeeeeey, and we pray, and we pray, and we pray, and we pray
Everyday, everyday everyday, everyday
And we pray, and we pray, and we pray, and we pray, and still we lay,
still we lay, still we lay
Now follow me roll stroll whether it’s hell or it’s heaven
let’s come take a visit of the people that’s long gone they rest
Wally, Eazy, Terry, Boo
And still keepin up wit they family
Exactly how many days we got lastin while you laughin we passin’
passin’ away
God rest our souls cause I know I might meet you up at the crossroads
Yall know ya forever got love from
Bone Thugs baby

I see his eyes gloss up and my vision turn glassy, oh great I am going to cry. I blink try not to give in.

Lil E-Z long gone,
really wish he could come home
But when it’s time to die gotta go bye bye
all ’lil thug could do was cry, cry
Why’d they kill my dog?
Damn man, I miss my Uncle Charles yall
he shouldn’t be gone
in front of his home
what they did to Boo was wrong ohhhhhh (wrong, wrong)
was so wrong gotta hold on, gotta stay strong,
when the day come better believe Bone got a shoulder you can lean on,
lean on

I chock up little, thankfully he so far in the past that he did not notes.

And we pray, and we pray and we pray and we pray.
Everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday...
And we pray, and we pray and we pray and we pray.
Everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday…

I lost I do not hear the song anymore just lost in my own mind has we dance together. Only when he pulled away a little did notice that song and end. I look up at him my vision is glassy, I blink and I could see he too had glassy eyes. We stand there in each other arms with our foreheads against each other. Then he pulls me in for a hug, my face in the cork of his neck. My arms now around his chest and I did not really want to let go.

Our families have found like this so many time that they just brush it off as if it anything. Had it been any other boy my dad would take out the shotgun to him. We pull part but he takes my hand in his. I don’t know if that means that he and I are to together or are we still just friends, best friends. But I know we took the first step in our new relationship.

I sat next to Alec “next stop caves.” I am not one that is scared of the dark, but been underground has always have made me feel as if I was buried alive. Inside of the bus, I put my head on Alec’s shoulder and close my eyes. I was in dreamland where I know that Alec is always mine. When I next got up as the bus pulled into parking lot. I notice that Alec still held in my hand as it always does it had me smiling.

While our fathers were in line to buy the tickets for the Buckingham Caves we sitting on the benches wait for the tour to start. Alec sat on my left and Emily on my right. The mothers were on the sitting on the wooden chairs.

While our younger brothers were sitting on the steps and Nigel was sitting on the rock. I could not help but smile as I was reminded of the time we when camping last summer. The only thing that was missing was our fathers and the camp fire, how could I forget the stories that were told by the campfire. Our mother was always good at remembering little things about our childhood that we have forgotten and these stories would leave us red-faced more often than not, of course, one we always turn to telling ghost stories to take the heat of oneself.

I feeling weight my right shoulder brings me back to the present time. Emily had put her head on my shoulder and sure just like dominoes I put mine on Alec’s shoulder. His hand rests on the bench and my hand on top of his and our fingers interlocked with one another. They gave us red hard hats with a light in front kind of like the fireman hat and we were told to stay together. As we when deeper into the caves we could hear the fruit bat or fly fox as the tour guide called them. The next thing I felt was this fur brush against my face I jumped into arms of the person next to me. Not really caring who it was as long as I was not along and as we came out of the caves I could see that the person I had a jump into was Alec. He asked me “are you ok”

I told him “a bat brush against my face” he nodded and tied his grip around me. All the while I hope it was only a bat and not rat or mouse or something like that.

After the tour of the caves, we went to the Natural Park for the lunch. We were playing cricket while our parents lay out lunch. Today was light lunch fruits and sandwiches, of course after the scared I had I was little jumpy. So after lunch went for a little walk and came across a group of Kangaroos. The guys started feeding the little joy than out of no way the mother Kangaroo came at us a full speed and at me when I got too close to her baby I jump behind the person next to me who just happen to be Nigel only I fell and hurt my leg. Of course, Alec gave me biggie back all the way to the bus. As I sat on the bus and with Alec I kissed his cheek and said “thank you Alec” he turns nice rosy pick.

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