He as a spell on me

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That night we were all sitting watching a movie. I look up at the time it is only 10pm I was so sleepy and so I got up say “I am going to call it day”. Emily stood up too and joins me as we made our way up to the room. The two of us made our way to the room and as we got ready for the night we talk about the day events.

“This day has been great,” Emily said

“What was your favourite thing to do today?” I asked her

“The caves by far, and the light work they have offside to highlight the limestones was great” She let me and then asked “what about you”

I look at her or there were a few things today and held my interest.” I tell her

“Like when Alec gave you a biggie back to the van after that Kangaroo scared the daylight out of you cursing you to hurt your leg,” she said

“Bulla as a place in my heart for years for each time we come here something always seem happened here,” I tell her

“Oh like what” like what

“My 1st Kiss” happened here eight years ago.

“Really and who was the lucky guy,” she asked

I just smiled her tell her “wouldn’t you like to know”
She looks at me with these puppy eyes just as her brother does which only made me laugh.

Thinking to me self, oh yeah Mount Bulla indeed had a place in my heart and Alec was the only resin for it. Emily would have a field day if she knew of the thing that had happened between me and Alec here at Mount Bulla. I can see it now, how she would have that smile on her face as she tells me “see, I told you that you and Alec are meant for one another”. I shook my head out of my line of think. I am getting had of myself. In three-day time is the concert and I for one was looking forward to it.

Sometime during the night, I had got up in need of water. I made my way down to the kitchen only to see that the TV was still on and I could make out that someone sleep on the sofa and I walked toward the TV to turn it off only to found that it was Alec who was sleep on the sofa. I found myself standing over him and with a small smile I band on my keens and said in low voice “Alec”. Waiting for a few more mins when there was not any sound from him I run my finger along his jaw lying and said “Alec would you been better off in bed”

he smiled. He was not sleeping at all well I think to myself. “Alec gets up I know you not asleep,” I said while hit his shoulder lightly.

He laughed and open his eyes and look at me. Only when he eyes widen did I look down at myself to see that I was wearing a leased house court that was opened leaving my white nightdress in view that happens to be see through and so I wrapped my house court around myself. I stood up and pulling him up and even forgot my much need water as we made our way up to bed.

I stood on the last step and turn around and threw my arms around him and kissed him on his rosy lips and just as he felt me shocked eight years ago in his father car I now leave him there not before I whisper in his ear “I am ready if you still what to be with me”

I made my way to room. Just before I walk into the room I turn and said “Goodnight Alec”

He replied “sweet dreams” as I closed the room door. I left the ball in his court as I was not too sure if he was ready for other relationship.

I can Tell you that night I was in a deep sleep and it was full of dreams of one Alec Fernando as always only, this time, I was on my way to be Mrs. Fernando in my dream.

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