He as a spell on me

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first Talk

The next morning, I was up before anyone else. I went for a run around the block. When I got back I saw that the mothers and Alec were, were up it only 8 am in the morning and so I nodded to them on my way up to the room for a shower.

When I came back down I could see that everyone else were there. I was wearing shorts and D and G T-shirt with runners. We were planning to go on a bush walk up to the Bulla point. Today we were going to have a picnic at Bulla point and I for one was looking forward to it.

Once everyone was ready we were on our way and we started out at fast past following one other in line. Nigel in the front then Emily behind him and behind her was Alec and followed by my brother leaving Jackson behind me which made me uneasy. As we moved forwards Jackson took hold of my arm and the next thing I knew was that I felt and cut my leg.

“Ouch” I yelled

The guys stopped and when they turn to see what happened. I was lying on the muddy floor holding my leg. Nigel and Alec made their way to me. The cut was about 5 cm long, it was not too deep however it was on chin bone which was why it hurt so much.

Once the two guys made to where I was, Alec sit beside me and take out the first Aid kit and start too clean and patch the cut up. While Alec saw to my cut Nigel was telling off poor Jackson.

“It was an accident,” I tell Alec

“He should have to know that if he slipped that holding on to you would only course you both to fall” he tells me

I nodded my head when were ready to move on again the formation of the line as change. It was Jackson in front with my brother behind him and Emily was now behind my brother then Alec followed by me and Nigel behind me. I felt lot better know that Nigel was behind me and have Alec in front of me.

This formation remembers me of the last time I found myself in between the two older brothers it was last summer when we when to Water World there was this big water slide it went underground, which made me feel like I am been buried alive. Have the two older brother on in before me and one after me gave me comfort and also give me the encouragement that I need to down that mile-long slide.

When we got up to the top of the mount the view was so beautiful that it took my breath way. What would I give to have my sketch book with me right now at this time! While I was lost in the landscape Nigel and Alec set up lunch under the big pine tree which was the only shady place with rocks asset for us to sit down.

I sat out in the sat close to the cliff side. Emily joined me and hand me my sketchbook say “Alec remind me to take it this morning” I smiled and thanked her.

My panicle run over blank page soon takes from of what I saw in front of me. Alec stood to my right and took photos of the view tell me it would help for when I decided to do a painting one day. I smiled at him and thanked him by a kiss to cheek and then watched him turn rosy pick. I love it when he blushes but likewise, he can make me blush just as effectively.

He looked at me and asked “do you think what can talk tonight along”

I looked up from the sketch that was then I notice the plate of food in his hand and then Emily was had joined the others. “we can talk now”

Nodding my head toward the others I add “the other are lost in their lunch.” I look up at him as I close my book and place it next to me.

He looked out at the view and said “Bulla is special place a lot has happened here over the years” he tells me.

“yes I recall that my first Kiss was right over at that parking area” I said pointing to the ski lodge.

He nodded and from the look on his face I could tell that he thinks that I am talking about another guy. I smile and add “did mention that it was in back seat of the car,” I tell him.

He turns and looks right into my eyes and I hope he understands what it means. He smiles which confirms that he understood me. He tells me “you know that my first kiss too was here as well”

I could not help tease him. “really do I know her,” I ask him.

To my surprise, he turns the table on me by his reply “oh yeah you know her must likely like the back of your own hand.” I smile at him.

He moves his hand to my face and brushes my hair back behind my ear. We are now looking right into each other eyes until his eyes move to my lips. He thinks about kissing me and then pulls out the last mint and I follow his eye line that sees that our parents as joined us. Just my luck that kiss would have told me what I want to hear from him, what need to hear from him. I presume that he could sense it course the next I know it that he was whispering in my ear “we talk tonight” and with that, we joined the other for lunch.

Over lunch, they have all talk about going down to the beach in the afternoon for a little game of cricket then afterward to the hit the water. Two hours later we found ourselves at Squawky Beach. This was beach we always came to when were we came to Bulla as kids we love the way the sand would squawk as we ran around the beautiful white sanded beach. Hands the resin that it was called Squawky Beach and the rocky cliff said made a good place to play hid and seek.

I took Alec’s hand slowing down let the others passed while they head down to the beach to set up. I ran towards the rocky cliff where we once love to play the hot sand squawked under our bare feet. I did really want to wait until tonight to talk. Making our way in and out, over and under of the rocks, we found a small cave on the west side. Make our way in about a meter in the cave we sat down on same rocks.

We sat there like that for a while well until I told him “Yesterday you ask how I knew that you had a six pack. I told about the Ted party but did you know I dreamed it up eight years ago.”

He smiled at me and asked “that must have been same dream”

I feel my cheek turn red as the heat come to them. I tell him “you have no idea,” I tell him.

I looked down was as I try to cool down. His place his finger under my chin and left my face up to his then asked me “tell me please” and he gives me that smile, you know the one where I can’t say no to when he be so sweet, he is a real charmer as least when he wants to be. I nodded my head “no asking questions until I am finished” I tell him.

“Ok,” he told me.

I took a deep breath in and started “eight years ago when you kissed me in the back seat of your dad car you did something to me. I knew sins I was nine that I was in love with you likewise I knew I was far too young to be in any kind of relationship with anyone even if that someone was you. Anyways it was about six months before our kiss that I had the first dream about you. It started out simple dreams your everyday high school puppy love stories and as the time when on the dreams got intents. We were at this house, I down know who house, but you had a room in this house and I had room and our brothers and of course your sister. I was on the internet chatting to someone at first I did know who then they log off just like that. Our brothers and your sister were gone to a party, I think it was Sonya’s engagement course aunty Rose came while you were in the shower and she talks right into the room where I was online. She starts to go through my dress and of course she had to pick this necktie red dress with low cut V-neckline and so we were in heated agreement when someone from behind said the shower was vacated. When I turn around you were there standing in the doorway shirtless. That was the first time when I saw your ABS”.

When I look at him, he was red as a beetroot. I sure he was only trying to light the mood by asking “please tell me that I was wearing something”.

I am sure at this I was as red as him as I tell him “yes you were, you had a green towel on, anyways on my way the shower I walk pass your room the computer was on and it show that the person I was talking online was you”.

He asked “that some dream, you said you had puppy love dreams, tell one of these”

I had to smile “ok, you know you mother year dinner party to raises money for the street kids”

He nodded his head and I take other deep breath even throe this story is innocent. The dinner was at your mother house and all the kids were in your room watching a movie. You and I were sitting against the wall holding hand behind our backs and I was so sure that no one knew until it was time for dinner when one by one our friends and family walk pass us but not before give us a look. After dinner lot of them left there was a few left behind. We were sitting on the bed all of us, you and I were on the edge of the bed needless to say we fell off the bed and I landed on your legs. The next thing I remember is that I was in my bed looking into the black room.”

He looked into my eyes and smile. “these are some dreams” we were both standing up now and he steps closer to me.

“you knew you were in love with me when you were eight” he said.

I replied, “no I loved to your sins I was eight, I knew I was in love with you sins I was nine”. He nodded his head as he was a little bit off in awe.

I said “we should get back before there notice that we going” he took my hand he said “we talk some more tonight” and with that, we walked out hand in hand to join the others.

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