He as a spell on me

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As I walk down the beach my mind seems to be on overdrive. Can’t really stay on one thing it keeps jumping from one to another. All the subjects seem to be about Alec and our walk. I know I showed him I was prepared to talk even now but why on earth would I tell him about that dream. It only brings other events to mind like the time I walk in on him changing more than once. The first time was the day I mate Lisa at the arms-giving and the other two were while we were on holiday. Once it was here at Bulla I still recall it as if it was yesterday.

It was six years ago to this day, 30th December 1994. We had spanned the day bush walking on the Mount Deep one of the picks at Bulla. That time we stayed at the caravan park. Would you know it as that first night Emily and I planned to play 304 a card game that we sue to play with our grandfather’s even throe they beat us every time? When I said I get the brothers I did think that anyone of them would be changing as the door to the room was half open I walked in that there was Alec with his back to the door in his Black DNKY jeans without a top. I could see every ton back on the boy. I remember wondering what his skin would feel like to run my hand over his back.

As my mind was keeping me from known what was happening around me. I found myself been thrown into the water. “Ha...”

I yell as the cold water it eats me hole. Come up for air I stood to look at group line up in row laughing I asked them “which one of you did it”.

Emily points to Jackson from behind the guys I should have to know it was him. Just you wait boy I think to myself and walk out of the water. Jackson was in for it now he had just hit my raider and become number one target. Stupid boy until now I was not given any more thought to him in any way and I even had forgotten about Emily plan for him. When I think about the video I put on this school blog I was for too nice leaving out the really bad things. Will no more, nice girl I am going all out this time.

I lock eye with Jackson and narrow my eyes at him walk towards him and just as I walk pass Alec he takes my hand and pull me another way. I know that I was let my anger get the better of me. Jackson as a way to push my button and the others had had it with him too. He tells me that everyone is counting on me to get him. As we walk over to where the cricket game is set up he tells what Jackson has been up too. In three days we had been here Jackson as super glued Nigel laptop bag.

Taken Alec favourite top and sue to watch the cars with which just happened to be DNKY dinner shirt that I give him for his 15th birthday. It cost me an arm and leg to get it for his birthday $360 may not be all lot of money for anyone with a full-time job but for a 14-year-old who only work two days a week, it’s another story. I even had to work three weekends just so I get it for him. I am going to kill Jackson.

After the so call friendly cricket game, this left Jackson with the black and blue leg the winner was Alec by one run and tie between me and Nigel for second place. My brother 3rd and Emily 4th place leavening Jackson last place yet again. Even our parents played long with us but unlike us they did not keep score. It was a fun game I was hindered by my wet clothes. As the sun set high up in the sky we hit the water be wet I just jump in with clothes and all. Soon that was water fight in the water splashing around yell and laughing everyone was having fun.

Once we got back I pulled Emily out of earshot of the others and asked for the itching powder from her. Once the guys were all out I walk into the guy room and Alec was there I asked him which bed was Jackson he pointed to far end bottom bunk bed and seen his PJ on it I put some of the powder in his PJ bottom and some on the pillow on the bed. On my way out I pull Alec long with me.

We were all sitting by the fire I was sitting on the sofa with Alec stretch out with his head on my lap. I ran my hand through his hair before playing with it. He eyes were closed but I could tell he was not asleep he loves it. Jackson was wearing navy blue pants with black wife batter shirt the stage was set for a long night for him. My brother was sitting on the love chair and Emily cuddles up to Nigel side. The parents are playing 304 in the living area upstairs. There was music playing softly in the background old club music.

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