He as a spell on me

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out in the open

It was a peaceful night to reset for now until one by one everyone turns in for the night and then it was only Alec and I left.

I knew he went to talk and part of me is scared that he would say he not ready even his actions say otherwise because he wants this as bad as I do. Only we both want this to be for the long run, not a just summer fling.

Once everyone has gone to bed Alec sat up “come on” he said taking my hand he pulling me toward the front door.

It was nice summer night with a clear sky you can see the stars. We sat on the veranda swing I sit leg cross facing him while he sat his back against the arm of the chair with one leg band his foot rest long side leg which was place on the floor. He took both my hand into his and looking into my eyes began to talk.

“Eight years ago I kiss you in the back seat of dad car while you’re warming up after been covered in snow. It was wrong of me not that I would not do it again if I had to relive it. I never got a chance to tell you what I feelings towards you but I also know that I did not leave you guessing of my feelings towards you from what you said you loved me that night. This afternoon not only did you tell me, that you are in love with me but that you knew that you were for the past 11 years. Eight years ago I had little hope as I was never too sure of you feeling I only hoped that I have read you little signals correctly and I knew that you were too young to be dating but I did it anyways partly because of the painkillers and partly because I wanted you to know my feeling for you but I was too scared of been rejected.” He said.

“Rejected you, your silly goof why on earth would I do that to you of all people Alec? I try to tell you more than once the past five years that was ready to take the next step only thing is, every time I try something or someone always gets in the way. The last time was when I found out that you started dating Lisa Turner. Do you remember that day after the arms-giving we both said I something to tell you.” he nodded his head?

Told him “You and Lisa were holding one other under the gum tree and I overhear what she told you? When I saw how happy you were with her I chickened out when you asked me what I want to tell you I told that it can wait.” I told him.

“I always wonder why that you never told me what it is that you want to say that day. Even when everyone else as the gone home you stay behind to help my mother clear up while I and our brother were playing a little game of basketball at the school. When we came back I came into the kitchen to find you have tea with my mother and sister. Three of you were in deep discussion about something that you did not even notice that I was there. I was jealous of my mother and sister all because they had your attention.” He told me.

“I needed time to think things over and to think about how I was going handle the fact you had an other girlfriend and that I love you so much that I can’t sleep at night without dreams about every night and every time I close my eyes I see you milky Chocolate eyes. I knew you were in the kitchen that day I just needed time for myself.” I told him.

“Is that why you never came to Jackson birthday party the following month?” he asked.

“Partly, Nikkei 21st birthday party was on the same day and I told her I would give a speech. I could not back out that of promising of a speech and then the day before I found out that it was your brother birthday party was on the same day. That morning I was not feeling too well and so the plan was the give the speech and then come over to Jackson party only I threw up in the car on the way to Jackson party and so I just want a home.” I answered him.

“I want to see your netball game the next day only to find out that you were sick? I was going to come over to see how you were doing only I got a call from Nigel tell me that his car would start that he need a left to work.” He told me.

“I had the flu, I could not keep anything down and so was on liquid diet for a good week. It was not a good couple of months for me that for sure everything that could have gone wrong went wrong” I said to him.

“I glad that you made it ok.” He tells me.

“Me too, Alec what is that you really want to talk about?” I asked him.

“Everything, your fears, my fears, what we want from this? Are we going to tell our family? Where do want this to go? Everything!” he tells her.

“Ok umm I know that we both have the same fear which is losing our friendship if this goes sourer. I know that you sister would be our biggest supporter and my brother would just say about the time you two got to together. I don’t know about your brothers and as for our parents well I know our mothers will be happy for us as for our dads they give us a hard time for taking so long to get together. Where do I want this prelateship to go well that easy the hold nine yards! I want this is to work Alec what I want to be with you and if we lucky to start a family together. As for what I want from you that the easy I want you to be you. You’re perfect the way you are and as for other things I am willing to learn with you.” I answered him.

He smiles at me and tells me “I love you and want this is to work? I want us to get married one day down the line and started a family maybe even travel around little before we start a family.” He said to me and before I would say anything he adds “I have this tickets to the concert tomorrow night and well I was wondering if you would go with me” he asked me.

“You mean like a date?” I asked him.

“Yes, I am asking you out on a date Lynn,” he tells me.

“I love to Alec,” I tell him and move in and before he could kiss me I kiss him.

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