He as a spell on me

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The next day I got up at ten in the morning. I look up to see Emily had got hold of one of my mastery books that I am often founded with one of Kathy volumes in my hands.

“Good read,” I asked her just to let her know that her giggling had weakened me. She was so into the book that only knew that she heard me was the course of her reply “huh”.

I had to smile known just how Kathy has a way with words to pull her readers into one of her stories. She is one of these authors that you just cannot put down once you start one of her volumes you just have to finish it to the end to find out if the bad guy got caught or got away with murder.

When I got down everyone was sitting at the table waiting. I took the only chair that was left which was next to my father. I notice that Emily was sitting next to Alec. Alec and I made eye contact with one other which made me smile as always he smiled back at me. No one notices us given each other small smile or the unspoken words that were happening between us as we had our breakfast with the others. Without words been said we had just agreed two things. One we would tell our mothers and then our father the next day and two we would make the others guess.

Afterward, us younger folks talk about our plans for the night been the 31st night we had our own plan for the night. Emily was staying with her friend Melissa. Nila was going to the New Year party with his girlfriend Nilu.

Nigel was going to the same party as Nila with his wife to be. Jackson is staying with a friend who just happens to be Melissa older brother which was the only resign that aunt Joy is let him go.

Alec and I keep our plans to ourselves until Emily asked “what are you doing tonight Alec”

Alec looked up at her from where he was sitting and replied, “I have a date”.

When he didn’t give any more information she asked “A date” the only replied she got was a nod of his head.

As always it was big brother who asked: “who is she”. I always know that Nigel was over protective of his siblings. Alec did say anything only raised his eyebrow at him.

Emily took a look towards me and me most have had a shocking look on my face course her face fell and I for one was little shocked all because Alec as never kept anything from her in the past.

My brother Nila asked me “what about you what are you doing tonight Lynn”.

“Who me,” I asked playing dumb.

Nila rolled his eyes at me and say in low pitch voice “no the invisible man next to you” which just made everyone at the table laugh.

I played the miss little princess who gets her way and just said: “well if you going to be like that then I never tell”.

He said “oh come on, I behave myself” with a smile that says you know you want to tell us.

I look up at him to see if he said the truth then I tell them “I am going out with a friend”. I make sure that they note the word out in my speech. I could feel my cheek turn red and much to Alec and my irritation no one notice.

I add “Emily and I have an appointment with the hairdressers this morning, so if you be so kind to drop us, Alec,” I asked him.

By now Alec was standing behind me at the doorway and out of earshot of the others he whispers in my ear “Keep your hair down tonight”.

I had to smile at that, you see I always know that Alec like it when I wear my hair down just so he can run his hand throw my hair.

Emmie and I made our way outside where the bus was parked. Alec gave is a left to hairdressers where we had booked day care package which takes little over four hours. Starting with a haircut which was followed manicure and pedicure off course it would end around four in the afternoon.
We started to talk about our plans tonight as a girlfriend would do at the hairdressers and would you know it she had to bring up the topic of Alec date tonight.

“Did know about Alec date?” she asked me.

“Huh, I knew about it,” I tell her.

“Did he tell you about it or are you covering for him?” she asked

I have been known to cover for him in the past. “He told me about it last night,” I tell her. I was not saying he did tell me about it last night when he asked me out.

“Do you know her?” she asked me.

What not earth do I say to that? “Yap, I know her I know her every well,” I tell her again I was not saying I know about myself down me well maybe not as much as Alec.

Then it started she shoots quotation after quotation. “Who is she? What she like? Do I know her? Would I like her? Would I get along with her? Could we be friends? Most importantly can she make Alec happy?” she asked.

“Wow, that lot to remember their Shorty?” I tell her.

Shorty is what I have come to call Emily as she only 4’9 tall. I look up at her from the magazine that I was reading while I wait for Joe my hairdresser whenever I come to C&C hairdressers here at the Mount Bulla.

“I just want me him to be happy,” she tells me. She was fishing for information the girl.

“Ok, Shorty you really don’t have to worry about that, I know he is happy with her after all as he implied so last night that she is the one that he could settle down with as for the others things well you know, the two of you are friends close like sisters. He loves her for a long time and finely had the courage to ask her out after a long time. She known him for years, she is a family friend so I know she would take care of him.” I tell her.

I add “all her friends would say that she is caring, always putting her friends and family first and you mother as more than once said that she would welcome her into the family with open arms.” Off course, I didn’t have to tell him that last night all because he knew.

I add “the two talk about it all, they both want this to work and so they are in it for the long haul,” I tell her.

I could feel her eyes on me and so I look up again she said “I wished it was you, course no one knows Alec like you do. I mean you know what he is going to say before he says it. You can read him better that anyone else even me”.

She as not hears one word I said. I tell her “think about what I just said would you please do that for me” She nods her head.

I change the topic by asking “what do you think if I cut my hair to shoulder and get it lay kind of like Monica from friends”.

She smiles and looked at me saying “I can picture you like that” she then added, “you know Alec said that you had your hair like that eight years ago”.

“Huh, it was around eight years ago that I had my hair like that. What did Alec say about it?” I asked her.

She looks at me with that know it all smile much like Alec does whenever he is up to mischief. She tells me “He said that he really like your hair that way”. Oh yeah, I could guess why too.

“Really, well we would want to disappoint him now would we,” I tell her.

“Are you going to fight for him?” she asked me.

“Emmie you of all people should know that I don’t have to fight anyone for him. Alec is mine why would I fight for who is mine to being with. If there are any girls out there would like him then too bad they had their chance with him.” the words left me, oh dame did I just tell that I was going out with her brother.

“What about his date?” she asked me. I shocked that she did not pick up on my slip up but thankful too however it only matter of time before she put tow and tow together.

“Oh she knows better than anyone else just what I would do for Alec,” I tell her with a smile that light up the holding room.

Then I add “you know Emmie I know you would be over the moon when Alec tell you all about his date” poor Emily looked so lost.

We talk about a lot thing that day at the hairdressers from Alec to Jackson and who is who of the world, from music to movies and so on and on.

I was determent not to show Alec my new do until I was ready for our date tonight and so I wore a red hooded top all day. With our day at the hairdressers coming to an end we made our way to the little hut as we have come to call the cabin.

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