He as a spell on me

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start of a dream

One we were back in our room we start to get out clothes ready for that night. It was only then Emily final got her head around the nosiness I have spoken early that day. She dropped her toilet bag and yelled “Oh My God” she said.

When I look up at her, she was standing there with both her hand on over her mouth and her eyes were wide in shock. When Nigel and Alec came to see what was wrong. Emily threw herself at Alec and hugging him. I had to laugh at what the sight in front of me seeing the two like that was not out of character. The two have always been close I would say the two may have been a twin in another lifetime.

“Everything fine Nigel, she just found out about some good news,” I tell him. He nodded and walks away.

Once Nigel was out of ear shot I say “I didn’t tell her, well that is I did come right out with it”.

“No, you didn’t, you had to babble on taken me around the bush,” she tells us.

“I am kind disappointed with you Emily,” I tell her.

“What, what did I do,” she asked.

She and Alec were now sitting on the bottom bed while I sat on the dressing table. “I was told that you were a smart girl,” I tell her.

“I am smarter than half the guys in my class,” she tells me.

“Most likely more than half the guys in my class too” I tell her and then add “but for someone who is so smart it sure took you long time to work out my nonsense not to say I did come right out say it in all that babbling I did today” I said to her.

“You did?” she asked me.

“Yes I did and you know what until the words were out of my mouth I didn’t ever know I did,” I tell her.

“What?” Alec asked.

“It was one of the last things I said before we left the hairdressers,” I tell them.

“I was so caught up with that fact you look shocked this morning that I was not really listening to you,” she told me.

“I noticed,” I told her with a smile on my face that said and that is my point.

“You see Alec after you dropped us off Emily here could not late this morning topic go,” I tell him.

“Wait you were shocked his morning why,” he asked me.

“I was it just that you never held anything back from her in the past about you dates,” I tell him.

“That true but we agreed that we would make them guess,” he told me.

“But you see Alec you sister here had other ideas,” I tell him

“What do you mean?” he asked us.

“Every first day we were here she asked me what happen at the Mcz. She believed that we had hooked up then” I tell him.

“What,” he asked his sister.

“Well, she did kiss you that morning,” Emily tells him.

“She kissed my cheek which she does all the time and it was one thing that drove Lisa mad,” he tells us.

“And now you know why I did it well a lot more them normal whenever she around,” I tell them.

“You didn’t,” he said, he eyes were laughing and I only smile at that.

“Oh please, Lisa Turner was a bitch to me will at the start,” Emily said.

“That my doing,” I tell her.

“What?” Alec and Emily said together.

“You remember the first time you meet her?” I asked her

“Yes,” they both said.

“Little known fact that Lisa Turner did not know about is that Emily here is your sister,” I tell them.

“What?” they asked.

“I am the one who intrudes the two you to each other. I may have said that Emily was my family friend and I have not told her that Emily is you sister then add to that the way to two of you are, you know, close well she may have been jealous of Emily” I tell them.

“That would do it and add to that that you were there that would have done it,” Emily said and she added “did you do that Lisa Woo too,” she asked me.

“No, I really liked her, she was really in love with Alec and he with her and so she becomes by my friend all because she made you happy Alec,” I tell the two of them.

“Me too, I kept in contact with her over the years and four years ago she sends me an email says that I had to set the two of you up,” she said.

“That sound like her,” I said.

“You know when she left she told me to tell you that I love you only I was too scared of been rejected and of losing your friendship,” he tells me.

“I kept in contact with her too but she told me when she left that my fears are unfounded in any case I was not ready for a boyfriend than” I tell them then laughing at myself I add “you know I like her but was scared that I would lose you to her because I knew that you loved her”.

“Yes, I loved her but never like the way I love you, Lynn. I mean I was in love with you and Liz saw it in me from the day she meets you. I remember after you left she told me that when you were ready to admit that you love me then she would step side course she saw the love that you had for me in your eyes that day. It was only your words that stop her from stepping side that day” he tells me.

“Do you remember what you said to her?” asked Emily.

I nodded and told them “it nice to meet you at last I have heard a lot about you from Alec and Emily too. I am really glad that he found you. You have no idea just how happy you make him. Funny thing is that when she left she said every word to me that made her stay with you but also may her went to step aside from you.” I told them.

“That it? That all you said to her” Alec asked.

I nodded my head and add “yap, and I may have given her a hug and jock about threw her Hen Night a week before your wedding”.

“I told her this morning by text,” I tell them

“Don’t be surprised if she turns up here in few days after getting to the news?” Emily tells us.

“She is coming here in two days’ time,” I tell them.

“She wants to celebrate our news,” he said.

“In two days’ time there is to be get together here at Bulla so dad can tell the family and friends about the Nigel engagement and the Turners will be here for that” Emily said.

I took a photo of brother and sister. Alec was sitting with his back against the wall and Emily had her legs over his lap as she was sitting against the post of the bed.

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