He as a spell on me

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getting ready for Date

The Nigel walking it to the room and join in the conversation by asking “what are you talk about”.

“Alec ex-girlfriends,” said Emily

“I am sorry Alec that mother invited the Turners to the engagement party,” Nigel said

“Don’t wrong about it, it, not a big deal right?” he said looking at me.

“Yap, who knows she may not company her mother,” Emily said

“I for one hope she does,” I told them

“Why,” they asked me.

“Miss Woo will be here for your engagement party I know one thing about her and that’s she likely to make a meal out Lisa Turner,” I tell them.

“Oh I can’t wait to see that,” said Emily

“I sure that you would help her along the way with that meal,” said Nigel

“Help her I feed her that meal if it comes down to it,” I tell him.

“What if she wants Alec back,” asked Emily.

Alec laughed said, “I don’t care if she comes to the party or not I know I have someone in life that love me I don’t need her”.

“I so proud you Alec, but you know I never want to see you in any kind of pain,” said Nigel.

“I know, you don’t have to wrong about me anymore,” Alec said

“He’s in good hands,” Emily told Nigel.

“I came in here to ask you something, before when Emmie here yelled you said that she heard good news. I know Emmie well there is only one thing that could get that kind of reaction from her. So I am asking you Alec am I right went I say that you date tonight is with Lynn” Nigel asked him

“Oh my, seem that Nigel is smarter than you Emily,” I said to her.

“Shut up,” she told me off she threw a teddy bear at me. That teddy bear goes wherever she goes it was a gift from Alec for her first birthday.

“Huh,” Nigel said.

“Oh maybe not,” I said laughing.

“oh,” he said towards me.

“It took Emily here almost four hours to come to that conclusion you’re faster than she was only an hour but to answer you that simple you would be right when you say that,” said Alec.

Nigel just shakes his head and then laughs say “you know Alec I was starting to wrong about you. I glad that you two final hooked up. Now boy and girls be careful tonight”.

“Nigel we not ready for that yet, I mean we are going on our first date and there as to be an engagement then Wedding and homecoming then we think about the babies ok,” Alec said laughing. I threw the teddy bear at him.

“You little...” Nigel said.

“Nigel please don’t tell the brothers anything we want to see if they can guess,” I tell him

He nodded his head and then asked: “what about the parents have you told them yet”.

“No, we will sit them down tomorrow and tell then,” I said to him.

“Ok. No one will hear it from me” he told us.

“Speaking of our date we better get ready or well never make it in time for the concert,” I tell them. With that, the guys left the room leaving us girls to get ready for the night.

Half an hour later I made my way to the guy’s room where my brother was doing his hair. He must have seen mine through the mirror.

“Wow sis you look great,” he said.

“Thank you,” I tell him with a smile on my face.

“Are you really just going out with friends?” he asked me.

“No not friends just a friend,” I tell him and then add “why you ask”.

“You look like you are going out on a date,” he said.

“Really why you say that,” I ask him.

“It like you are going out of your way to look your best tonight,” he said

“Maybe I am, you never know,” I tell him.

“You are going out on date ain’t you,” he asked.

“What make you say that,” I asked him.

“well you are dress to kill which you ever do unless you are going to work or an interview so that you can give a good impress someone and you
cut your hair which means that you looking for a new start on something in your life. Plus, I think it Alec’s date that he was talk about this morning is you. Before you ask why I think that I tell you, Alec, as never kept anything about his past date from Emily that and the way the two of you kept looking at one other all morning at the table it was like the two of we had this deep talk about something without a word be said. I know you did that before but this morning was different somehow. It like the two of you came to a new understanding” He said.

I just smile at him for few mints before he added “you the two of you smile more than last two days and not only that but your eyes dance when you both laugh together” he tells me.

“Your lot faster than Emily or Nigel it took them a while before the two of them got it,” I tell him.

“I should be a lot faster than the two of them course I see the two of you lot more than Emily or Nigel outside the family get together you know,” he tells me.

“True, only you have the knowledge of the fact that I been love with him for years and I was ready to start a relationship with him and it was just matter of telling him,” I tell him.

“That too,” he said.

“Ok you are right I am going out on a date with Alec but you are wrong about one thing you know,” I tell him.

When a voice from the behind me asked: “what is he wrong about?”

“Alec as known me most of my life and there for he knows all my faults there for I don’t have to impress Alec,” I tell them.

“She as points sweetie,” She said to my brother.

I turn to face Nilu “I love what you did with your hair” I tell her.

“Thank you,” She said.

Her hair was pullback off her face in a low ponytail with the end curled. It made her big light brown eyes stand out.

“You look better with your hair down,” a voice said.

My attention was taken away by a voice from the doorway from behind me and it makes smile. I turn to face him and telling him “You just like to run your hand through my hair”.

He laughs at that and then makes his way over to me with one hand behind his back saying “you know me too well” then at that the last mine he kissed me cheek and asked “ready to go”.

“Yes,” I told him.

He still had his right hand behind his back. Then that the last mint out his hand from his back and there in his hand was a red rose hair pin he then pinned one side of my hair of back behind my ear while the others side was push behind my other ear. The pin matched the red pattern on my black dress and my guess shoes which had a line red robe on its black strap. He was in DNKY shirt and DNKY damming with black Smithing shoes.

We made our way down where everyone else was waiting, Nigel and Clare were sitting at the table. Clare had a light peach keen high neck tie dress. Her long black hair was loss pushed behind her ears. She had on a pair of black easy step heels while Nigel had CK outfit with Smithing shoes.

As for Jackson will, he was in a black wife beater shirt with light blue damming and runners.

Nila in D&G dinner shirt with a dark blue DNKY damming plus a pair of a black Smithing shoes. His outfit matched Nila long dark blue DNKY dress with a pair of black Guess shoes.

Emily had on light green Guess armless neck tie top with floppy keen highlight green skirt with two and a half nice black guess battle with light green Guess three nice heels.

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