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He as a spell on me

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As always I was the last on the bus, the driver had my ticket really as he does every morning and I gave him the money and took the first set I could find. As the lyrics of ‘you don’t know’ by 98degrees fill my ears I am reminded of the dream I had last night.

I close my eyes and I could see the event replaying itself in my mind. At first I didn’t know where I was the layout of where I was but it was a house. The hold house was lively with activity as everyone was getting ready for the party. I was waiting for the shower to become free. When my aunt came over to tell what to wear for the event. Aunt Nikki was holding long black dress with the low cut neckline. “No, away” I yell at top of my voice, my eyes wide at the idea of wearing that dress. I never been the one to wear something so reliving. Upon hearing a voice from the doorway behind me “shower free” I turn to only to see Alec, his short black hair was slumped, skilly from the water that dripped down his body. My eyes widen at the sight in front of me. He stood in the doorway dripping wet head to toe in a green towel. I let my eyes travel down his body, his shoulder and he got a six pack. The green towel that was wrapped around his slim wesit and that then next thing I knew there was this beeping sound that wakes me up it turn out to be my alarm. Opening my eyes, I was in bus sighing look out the window only notice that we were almost at school.

When a 1994 silver skyline came on to view alongside the bus, it had blue crossing along the side of the car from the front wheel to the back, I know that car anyway, I sit up to have better look offside I could see there sitting in next to the driver’s side sat Emily Ann. At sixteen she was five tow tell, with flat tummy and tone body. She turns every guy head and she was the baby of the family. The three boy keep close watch over her as if they were her personal bodyguards for their little sister.

I got off the bus make my way to car park towards the skyline. I could feel everyone eyes on the back of me. There he was standing against the car with his arms crossed his chest with that I know all smirk. I feel like slipping the smirk right off his face, I was half attempted to turn around walkway when I notice that is was Jackson and not Alec. I change my line towards Emily, Emmie is the name I have come to call her over the years. Her relations call her baby or Emily, while Alec as always call Ann and he was the only one to do so.

“Alec is going to kill you if anything happens to his car” I greet Jackson. He came back with I am sure that you will help him do so and he right I would help gladly. I get hold of Emmie lower arm as she holds mine we share one hand hug.

“see ya” Emmie said to her brother and we start to make our way towards to the school.

Jackson yells “Alec we pick you to tow up.” We nodded our head as we keep walking without looking back.

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