He as a spell on me

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opening act

Our parents left little over hour ago just has we start to get ready. Alec and I were dropped off by Nigel to the local cricket grounds where the concert was to be held.

Once we made our way inside we made way to the front of the stage. Where we have a good view of the stage where the opening act was doing sound checks. It turns out the group was ninety-eight degrees was opening for the mean act.

This night could not get any better my favourite R&B group was opening for one of my favourite hip hop group. I looked at Alec and the look on his face said that he knew of this and of course this explains why he didn’t show me the tickets at the gate. Sneaky boy I’ll have to think of a way to thank him. We took some photos of 98 degrees doing their sound checks. As the group starts they smash hit song “I do cherish you” I take his hands and place them around my waist while I place my round his neck. Before the guys started to sing the song we were dancing about in front of the stage.

One of his hands moved just under my shoulder blade while the other one takes my palm into his right one and my other hand rest on his left shoulder. I found myself waltzing around in front of the stage now to the same song. Our eyes were locked on one other. Everything and everyone seem to despair and not a thing mattered but each other.

I have learned one thing about Alec that night. Something new about him which was that my best friend Alec is a romantic at heart? How did I come to this conclusion that is easy you see he dipped me at the end of the song? He loves to dance it was one way to keep fit more fun than working out for me. I just love ballroom dancing it had been my little secret all these years.

“You know when you walk into the room and stood in the doorway then started to speak I was hoping that you were shirtless” I tease him.

“I thought about it for like mint then thought better of it after all your brother and his girlfriend were in the room with you. I didn’t think that you would like it if other girl saw my so call six pack” he teased me right back.

“No, I support we could not have that after all, you do have a reputation for playing the shy guy with the ladies” I tease him. I watch his cheek turn nice rosy colour that I come to love on him.

When the group comes off the stage they said: “great dancing” as they walk passes us we replied “Thank you” by now the ground was full of people and we all wait for the concert to start.

After about half an hour the opening act was announced at last the concert was under way. 98degrees start with one of their Asian hits “the hardest thing”. It was heart aching song about let go of the one you love because you feel they could do better than you or you were not ready to settle down with them. This was applied to us for the past eight years. They followed it up with “because of you” and again I can see how this song could apply to Alec for the last eight years.

They next song “I do chase you” and again we started to dance only, this time, one of the sports lights fell on us. The guys dedicated the next song to the dancing couple and we both turned to a song called “my everything” and now it would be our song from this night on.

The guys followed that song up by one from their new album called “was it something I didn’t say”. It was a song that replaced a dirty song called “can I touch you there”. Funny thing is I always tear up to this song because most of the past 11 years I felt that I was losing Alec course of something I didn’t say to him. Alec put his arms around me from behind me and pulls me into his body I guess that was not the only one that felt that way.

The guy’s next song was one of my favourite from their new album called “the way you want me too”. I always pictured this song been our wedding song someday. Alec whispers in my ear “I love you”. Hear the words make smile pull my head to the side turn my head to the side so I could see a side of the face and kissed his cheek once more that night while my lips were against his cheek I mouthed these same words back to him. After few more song, it was time for the main event.

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