He as a spell on me

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happy new year

The group I love to dance too came on Bone thug and harmony. The hip hop band sang ten songs before their got to the one song we wetted to hear. Yap, you guessed it was “see you at the crossroad” and of course, we relived that night six years ago. He was a sing along with the guys as we danced. He turned me and towards the end of the song he dipped me as he did six years ago only, this time, he gave me a quick little peck on my lips before he pulled me to my feet again.

Before we knew what was happening the show come to a stop for the New Year countdown.





“You know Alec they say the girl you kiss at midnight on new year day is the one you are distracted to be with,” I tell him.



“Really, well then it a good thing you are here I have never been kissed or kiss at midnight on the New Year day,” he tells me.



“Happy new year” everyone yells and Alec takes my face into his hands and kissed me square on the mouth. This followed by phone calls to our family of course. Afterward, both the band say together on stage for hour or so before ended the concert for the night.

We took a taxi back home and Alec pied for everything that night. For the first date, it was a good night. Best date I have been on and the first time it was not double date with a friend. I can suavely say it was the best night of my life so far a great way to bring in the New Year.

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