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family find out

The next morning wants I came down our mother were setting up the New Year breakfast which means lots of sweets from milk toffee to milk rice. Dad was clearing the room by getting reeded off all the old newspapers, magazines you know the out of date things while Alec’s father was cutting the grass outside. It all the signs that new year really as come as last for anyone who falls asleep the young kids for one. It was why we spend the last weekend cleaning out the house to welcome the New Year even in out absences.

There was hole list of thing to do before we could think about taken the first bit of food. There is a time to turn on the stove and to start cooking. The table cleaned a small oil leap need to be lit and place in the middle of the table. Once the food is cooked a small plate of food need to be serviced and offered to the Buddha. When is it is time for that first bit of the milk rice you all should be facing west. If our grandparents were alive today, we would visit them first then our other relations and you could never go to see anyone empty handed. It is said that if you get the money you give larger amount money in return.

Every year for the past seven years we have never been home and as kids, we came up with our won New Year games. These were the games we played Pillow Fight, Ring throwing, around cricket and indoor ten pin balling.

Pillow Fight - was a very easy game that is played outside in the sandpit or in our case at the beach. You have two master triangle in the sand and you have to hit the other player out.

Ring Trowing - that is another easy game there is a stick sticking out of the ground and you stand about three meters away from it and try to get the rings hooked on the stick.

Around cricket - is played by only ten or less but more than four people. There a batter and baller about three meters apart from one another. Other all stand around as fieldsman, in this game the ball can only throw underarm balls which cannot bounds before recharging the batman. To make a run the batman as to take the bat around their body, one around the baby is one run. The batter can be LBW or caught out and he or she cannot go out on the first ball. In this game, there are no boundaries and this game is played in small backyards.

Ten Pin Balling - you roll the ball and try to take down as many as the pin you can. Each play gets one turn the winner is the one with the most pins down not easy when you play on the sand.

When asked where everyone else was Alec’s voice comes from behind me “Nigel is picking up Jackson, Emily and your brother is helping my dad in the yard”. I turn and smiled at him and of course, he smiles back at me before look to our left to see our mother back to us and he gives me quit kiss to my cheek.

I asked him “when and how do we tell our parents?”

“One to the table is set or we can always wait until my mother asks me about the date or your mother asks you about last night,” he said.

“My mother will never ask and you know your mother will not ask in front of everyone,” I tell him.

“True, tell you the truth I have no idea how to tell them,” He said

Sighing we were in a real pickle not really knowing how to bring up the subject of the fact we were now dating to our parents.

I had not shown Alec the text message that I had got from my brother and my dad. They both knew about the date last night kind of, the only thing is I have no idea how they knew about it. After everything was ready as we waited for Emily and the others Alec and I down at the dining table with our mothers for light tea while our dads set up the games with the help of my brother.

Auntie Joy asked “how was your night” from Alec. Something in her voice told me that she had to know something was up with him. Could dad have told my mother and she told Auntie Joy?

“Huh, it was good,” Alec said. Alec as not pick up on it but I knew that tone of voice from his mother.

“Just good was it,” She asked him with an aching eyebrow at him then she turns to me and “what about you, my dear,” She asked me.

I could feel the blood run to my cheek turn them red as rose as I tell her “my night was great, good music, good company I could ask for anything more”. I didn’t lie after all I did have a great time last night.

“The town countdown was televised did you know that Alec,” she asked him.

The two of us looked at one other both of us red as one’s blood. Could she have seen see us kiss or dancing with one other last night?

Auntie Joy said, “I was told you were going on a date last night Alec”.

Alec replied, “I was on a date last night”.

This was not what we had planned for the first date. I never wanted to hold the country to see our first date and part of me hoped that no one had seen the kiss between us last night.

My mother said, “I was told that you were going out with friends’ young lady”.

I told her “no just a friend” I would see the wheel in Auntie Joy head and I know what coming. She going to give him an outing and I know Alec to well he takes it with one of his cheeky lines.

Auntie Joy had to give Alec hard time little long and asked “you just happened to take your date to the same concert Lynn was at,” she asked him.

“Yes” was the only reply he gave.

Alec does not even look up from his cup of tea. I could tell that she was not done yet, but she took pity on him and so she said “now Alec, tell me just how your date took to the fact you were dancing with your best friend” and there is Alec outing. Seen the way to let the cat out the bag and that just what he does.

“Why do you ask her mother she right here,” he told her looking toward me.

There was a high pitch voice “I knew it” from Aunty Joy before she said to my mother in low voice “Did I tell you last night Lea”.

“Yes Joy you did,” my mother said and I know it for me and Alec more than an answer. She then added “what I want to know is when you two going to tell your family,” he asked us.

Both Alec and look at each other and then back at them telling them “today”

“I for one couldn’t ask for a better son in law,” my mother said.

“Yes, you have done well for yourself Alec,” his mother said.

You have to be kidding me the two of them had hope for this day for years now. I had I know that I would have told my mother that Alec was ready to give up on love a year ago. After the hold Lisa Turner thing, it was clear what the families think of Lisa Turner.

None the less we both thank them and told them about how it had come about as our fathers and my brother came in. When they found us laughing and talking at the table and upon see them come in my mother had put on other pot of tea on.

My brother asked, “what you guys talking about”.

Auntie Joy said “Alec date”

By the look on my brother’s face, I could tell he had something to tell us. “Oh I had mean to asking about it, how was the concert,” he asked. I wonder what he could have to say about it and from the smile on his face I could tell that he too has seen us dancing.

If you think it bad when your mother and hopefully mother in law know about it will let just sat it was one thing to know that Alec mother or my mother would ever make a show out of it by when it is your younger brother that is different story and it means that most of your friends likely have seen too and the one who have not, they soon will to coz he has a copy of it somewhere.

I look up at Alec when my brother said “I have to say seen the two of you dance was something but what followed was well let’s say that it was really was something special” He said laughing.

I got myself another cup of tea no really want to look at anyone poor Alec also most choke on his and then uncle Brian had to ask “how did your date take it” while Alec was in a coughing fit.

Lucky for him his mother took pity on him and told the others “Know you I asked him and the only thing he said was that I could just ask her if I want to know only I Already know what she says about it” she looks at me with a smile.

I could feel all they eye on me. Now I knew just how my dad knows about last night. He must have seen us dancing on the fool’s box which is what my dad calls the television. The text that was waiting for me this morning from him told me that he has not had seen us kiss and I can’t tell you just how thankfully I am for that. however, I did reply it telling him that we were on a date together last night and his only reply was “what took you two so long I am not getting any younger”. He was hinting that I was marrying age.

I was thankfully when dad changes the subject by asked “Maybe the two you could take up dance again”. You see Alec and I use to dance to the at a dancing school called Ballroom studios then when Alec entered university I was in my last year in high school which was the start of this year we gave dance up. The topic of me and Alec came to end when the guys and Emily came home.

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