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family fun

A small plate of food was placed on the top shelf where a small Buddha was kept. Uncle Brian service everyone one slices milk rice while everyone stood facing west. All eyes were on the time waiting for the right time to take the first bite. The old grandfather clock stood by the west wall showed us the time was coming. After the first bite, everyone took a seat around the table. It was not all about enjoying the company and the food.

I took this time to make sure that the topic of me and Alec would not come up again by changing the subject to about party tomorrow by tell them “Lisa Woo will be here later on the day that she will be here for tomorrow party” but all it did was change the subject about Lisa Woo and Lisa Turner. Poor Alec I give him sad look only to have him smile at me. I knew how his hold family feels about Lisa Turner and that including the extended family too.

Miss Woo may have left on good terms while Miss Turner left on an unkind note which left a dislike after a tease in our months. As everyone was concern little miss I don’t love you deserve everything she gets tomorrow. Between Emily and Miss Wo, I knew they going to make Turners night alive hell, not to the mansion that Nigel and Clare had planned on give her cold shoulder.

I also knew that Auntie Joy had been informed about the details of the breakup and let me tell you something she did not take it too kindly as she gave the turners the cold shoulder by not inviting them to any events that she has organized for this past year.

However, this event was not like others this was the first big event that was held the groom’s side of the family. In one hand it was in your face I have one of my kids married before yours. But as any party that is held by the wedding party families the bride side as a say too. It was they who are really inviting the Turners but of cause the Old, Mr. Turner who had no idea of the falling out would not see it that way.

I remember the Auntie Joy outcry when she noted the Turners name on the guest list. I was there as I help her to do the sitting for tomorrow night and after moving the table around we manage to place Lisa Turner on the table with her little cousins in the back of the hall as far away from Alec as we could get her. These were a message for her in the fact that she was seated in the back of the hall I don’t think she thinks too much of it and now I wonder if she would understand.

One again I tuned in as the topic turn toward what we had to do tomorrow. Auntie Joy told everyone what they would be doing. Emily and Jackson will sit the guests down at the right table while Alec would coordinate the night as Nigel best man. I am going to the hall with Uncle Brian to help coordinate the flower people and the music band while Uncle Brian will look over the drinks area and make sure there has a copy of the table plan so they have no excuse for servicing kid’s alcohol.

Both my family and Miss Woo were sitting at Alec table. I hope there would not be a cat fight between the two Lisa. I was worried about attaining be take away from Nigel and Clare after all it is their night. Until now I did know just how much everyone hated Lisa Turner.

I was looking forward to the games. A Little fun with the family and to forget about all that could go wrong with tomorrow night event. After cleaning up we head over to the west side of the beach where there was lot’s tree for shatter from the morning sun.

Uncle Brian stood in front of the first game with a hat with our name in it. Their first game looks like it going to be a pillow fight. “The order I pull the name out is the order we play for the day” Alec father tell everyone. The first name that was pulled out was Jackson followed by Emily. The Next name was my brother Nila followed by my father. Then came the two moms they were followed by Nigel. Would you know the thread last name that was pulled out was his own name was pulled out leaving me and Alec as the last two names that were left in the hat? The last name was mine this sued me just fine as it gave my advantage of seen how the other play and which works.

Jackson loves Pillow Fight as he could hit out as hard as he can at all of us and for the first time without getting into trouble. He was about to get even with every one of us for things we have put him throw.

As Alec and I were not up for a while we sat down on the blanket under the pine tree Alec was sitting against the tree and I was sitting in between his legs with my back against his chest. He arms around me and he pulls me to him as he did last night at the concert.

The first around was an easily won by Jackson. Poor Emily she had taken a good beating before she had lost her footing and hand fell.

Second around my brother had a good resin not only to fight Jackson but to beat the living daylight out of him. Why did you ask dear reader well that is a long story but the short view would be that Jackson has gotten drunk and hit on Nila my brother girlfriend? Who could blame Nila for beating him for that could you. It was good around with Jackson falling on his backside causing everyone to laugh.

Around three it was my old man against my brother. I saw the two but heads together over the years and it ain’t always my old man that come out on top. However, this day it looks like my old man had gotten the better of my brother this time.

Around four saw Jackson up against my father only to be taken out by one hard hit to the right side which made him lose his footing and down he wants.

Around five saw Emily up against my old man and I could tell the hits were softer. It took a while before she fell.
It brings us to around six my parents up against one another. Oh no this can’t be a good thing you see last year my mother won and dad copped it from me and my brother. So it not surprises anyone to see a mother take a fall.

The next around so dad wins again. It was a short around but not the shortest around today. Auntie Joy gave one good fight before been taken down.

Then came Uncle Brian and wouldn’t believe it, it took him good ten mins to win. It was a good match to watch the dads going at it like there life depends on it.

The next around saw Alec up against his dad the two were a match in strength but Alec had high advantage which he gets from his mother side of the family. Alec is a health nut who spend three-time week in the gym and one-day week he runs 5 km run around the local park or his old school close to his house. He was a well-known runner in his school and the university. But Alec did something no one else did then they game. He stiffed his legs and his back while bending his keen just little. Which I think help him to win not only against his own dad but other too. One after the other they all fell like dominoes.

The last around saw Alec up against me and the first thing I noted was that his hits were soft. So I started to hit him as hard as I can. Hitting him left and right of his body trying to make him fall but he did not even move. My arms and legs were in pain from all the hits I was given and getting and I was not going to give up. But he was stronger and bigger I knew I never had a chance to win. After a good fifteen mins, I could feel the fight was been beat out of me. In pain, I hit the stand with that last hit to the back of my keen I was gone. No one could say that I gave up that day.

The morning saw Alec win the pillow fight game. Out of breath, we sat down for breather under the big old pine tree. Auntie Joy was telling us about when she was Emily age. Alec cell started to ring he asked me to answer as I was sitting next to it. It was Lisa Woo she said she was about half an hour away. I told her to meet us the west end of the beach.
I was time for game two which was ring throwing. Each person gets three rings and for the past four years, Emily has won this game. “I don’t see how this year going to be any different to the last four,” I told them.

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