He as a spell on me

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mind games

Once at the hall Alec and I talk to the staff about the event in cognize, from where the oil lamp, the engagement cake should be and we point out the kid’s table to the waiting staff so that no one service alcohol drinks to anyone under age. Then Alec and I talked with the band to remind them that specify song should be played at the specifying occasion. Like the first dance should be they song Moments by Lighthouse as it the song they had their first kiss and first dance as a couple. Then come the flowers, the people that did the decoration this would take two hours and afterward I went from table to table examining which table while Alec looked at the entrance before dismissing the flower people.

Alec was talking to the event manager while I thank the flower people. When I left an icy cold wind to come into the room. My blood ran cold as ice. Something told me to look up towards the doorway and there she was standing there in the doorway Lisa Turner, her hair cut short bob cut with red highlights through it. Dark red lips stick with think makeup which makes her look like a street girl and could be found in Stain Kilda on Saturday night.

She looks like she was dress to go to someone memorial service in her long neck tie plane black dress which was DANKY knock off.

I took a deep breath in and let it out slowly before greeting her with nodded of my head. Then turn to face the staff member who was now standing in front of me. I could feel Tuner eyes on me and I knew that she was head over to where I was. I didn’t really feel like I could restrain myself and so I hope that she would just find her sit and leave me alone. She made a line to words me and would you know no such luck. The first thing out of her mouth “you’re not wearing that old thing tonight?” didn’t help my mood and before I could blink my eyes I feel my blood boil offside.

“Excuses me,” I asked her as I look up at her, I knew by say so I was almost daring her to say it again. I guess Alec notice her because the next thing I know was I left his hand on my arm and without a word to her Lisa Alec pulled me way from her say “we have work to do” and all I could think was ‘that lucky cow, if she wants a fight she gets one but not tonight’.

“What you don’t even hi to a friend,” she asked Alec. ‘Who does she think she is’ I think to myself. Alec stop died and I knew he was angry at the way his hand held onto mine. He doesn’t even face her when he tells her “friends we, not friends have never been never well-being”.

The next thing out of her mouth just makes her dig her even deep hold for herself. “I am sorry I hurt you so much Alec, but I didn’t know just how much I miss you, Alec,” she tells him.

Which only make him laugh “that so funny, do you think that the funny thing you heard Lynn?” he asked me.

I try so hard not to laugh as I tell him “yes” but I can’t hold in.

Alec turns to face her and look her in her eyes as he told her “hurt me, you didn’t hurt me but you were right about one thing that day. You were spot on when you said ‘that my heart belongs to someone else there for I would one-day regret marrying you’ as far as I am a concern you did me a favour” with that we walk out of the ballroom.

One we were in the lift out of sight of Lisa Turner I gave Alec A kiss on his cheek. He asked me “what was that for?”

I told him “I am so proud of you; you handle that every well”

He smiles at me and said “I was sure that you were going to kill her I just had to get you out of there. What she says to you anyways?”

I looked at him and then tell him “she asked if I was going to wear this old thing tonight” and then added, “I think she was just looking for cat fight”.

“You could take her only thing she doses in a fight is slap and pull at your hair,” he said.

I told him “I am the queen when it comes to pulling someone hair out just asks my cousin Katie”.

He said “I know I was there that day” he laughs. We made our way to the room where the family was waiting for us. It only took us an hour to get ready for the night event and so we all made our way to the ballroom.

I had curled my hair my nails were red which was done last night. My four-inch red heels which go well with my long D&G red ¾ flared dress and of course I was wearing the ruby earrings and necklace that Alec gave me for Christmas. Alec had on his silky red Boss dinner shirt with black Boss suit.

As we got close to the hall Emily said: “let the fun being”.

Before I could ask what she means she comes and links arms with me while Liz links arms with Alec. “Lisa is in there, she has already tries to pick a fight with me tonight which tells me that she going try and make the show tonight,” I told her.

Only to have been told “Emily and I have come up with a plan to keep her far away from Alec” by Liz.

Then as we walk in Email and Liz took us by Turner table and Alec winked at me and asked Liz “would save a dance or two for me tonight”.

When I saw Turner’s face fall it was then it hit me, this was part of Emily and Liz plain and Alec played right in too without knowing it I only hope that it does not backfire on them. We walk pass the Turner table and Emily made sure that Turner saw the openness between Alec and Liz at which point I knew that it had to be Liz idea that somehow she had talked Emily into it too.

When we got to our table Alec sat Liz in her sit and then given her a kiss on the cheek. He helps me into my seat with a kiss to the back of my hand he took his seat next to me. I glanced over at Turner’s table only to see her eyes were fixed on Alec and I guess Alec knew because the next thing I knew was that Alec was playing every old game with me. The game had come to be little over seven years ago only to keep our family guessing if we were to together or not. It was Alec idea to get Emily to stop try to set us up but it never worked. Only this time Alec was suing it as a way to hid his pain and for the first time, I felt helpless as I sat there watch Alec’s eyes, all at once his eyes were dark colour his green eyes shine with pain and anger. I did the only thing I could do I placed my hand on his keen.

“No tonight,” he said. Mean that he was not going to course a séance but he was not going to show Turner the pain that she had inflicted on him.

I nodded not know what else to do or say and then told him “remember that I get the first and last dance tonight”.

Then he asked “and if I want dances in between do I get these too?”

I tell him “you, my dear friend can have them all if you wish”.

“Watch what you say, I just may take them all,” he tells me.

I reminded him “yes, of course, my friend but however, may I remind you that you have promised two other ladies that this table a dance each”.

“Yes of course, however, my friend I would remind you that when our songs are played you are to dance with me and no one else,” He tells me.

“Goes without saying my friend,” I told him.

The word friend has so many means to us but when it said before or after a line, it was a game that we came up as a joke to drive Jackson nuts and now we do it to drive everyone nuts or just to be annoying to everyone around us just course we can.

Before long it was time for the light the oil lamp which was the candle of life in a wedding only it was in engagement is called the start of life or something like that. I can remember what it was called I never been married so don’t ask me. Alec stood behind me the hand was resting on small of my back and as Nigel and Clare light the first of the seven one of every month they been together, I look up at Alec and he looks back at me. We smiled at one other and I take and look at Liz who was stand next to Turner of all people give her small smile.

Then it was time to cut the cake and let me tell how that went. Well after cutting a big slice of cake Nigel feed a bit to Clare and Clare did the same for Nigel and then both sets of parents got a bite followed by any brother and sisters of the couple. That was meant to be it but because the piece was so big their feed every one of the wedding parties as well and so I got to have a bit as I was one of the bridesmaids.

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