He as a spell on me

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Dance up a storm

Then the bride and groom to be opened the dancing floor with an opening number which was breathe taken to watch and then was when the fun started. What on earth I am talking about well let me tell you. Once the open dance was over the parents were told to join their son and daughter on the dance floor and then the following dance the wedding party was told to join the dance floor. Alec landed me to the dance floor and we started to dance soon I was lost Alec’s eyes and for while it was as if anything else or no one else was in the room with us it was just the two of us until then dance came to end and the hold time I could feel a cold pair of eye my back.

Alec walked me back to the table and took Liz out to the dance floor for a dance that he as promises her while I talked with another guess. I was so lost in the discussion with Molly, Clare sister that I didn’t even notice that Alec was now dancing with Emily and that Liz and join us at the table long with Lisa Turner. Out of nowhere Lisa asked, “Which one of you is going out with Alec”. It was Liz who answered.

“I don’t see how that is your business,” Liz told her.

“Our but it is, you see I plan to win him back,” She tells Liz.

The holding table laughs at this remark. Turner glad at Liz and then add “I always get what and who I want” she tell us.

“Then you should know that Mrs. Fernando knows all about what you did to Alec, you see he had to tell her when she asked him what happen when he asked you to married him” seen her face turn green I added “what you didn’t think Alec would be able to pick a ring out on his own now did you, after all, he knew he wouldn’t ask me or Emily for help to pick out a ring for you when he knew just how we both feel about you and the leaves his mother. Oh, you should know that there is not one of his relation that wouldn’t like to break you neck right now. So what do you think you a chance are of winning him back now?” I asked her. She stormed away look like a tomato or beetroot I couldn’t really say which.

Liz followed Lisa out towards the lady’s room. Everyone eyes were followed them out towards the ladies well almost everyone’s my eyes were fixed on Alec. As I watch him dancing with Emily they were talking and laughing about something. He looks so happy right now on the dance floor it makes me smile. Alec and Nigel change dancing partners it was good to see he was enjoying himself. Half way through the song Mr. Fernando and Nigel change partners and I could help myself I just had to take a photo of the mother and son as well as father and daughter dancing together.

Then Alec and Nigel change partners again and of course, I took a photo of Mrs. Fernando and Alec dancing together. The way the change partners were something to watch in the middle of turn the two boys would change places. There was one other way they could do it too. They could have turn they partners out towards one other.

One thing I can stand is a show-off and as I watched the two silly boys show off, I have reminded myself that this is Nigel night so I let them be just for tonight I can overlook their behaviour. Alec and Emily came back to the Alec sat down and I just could help myself.

“Twinkle toes” I tease him.

“You know what they say about a man that can move on the dance floor don’t you?” He asked me with a little smile that made his eyes dance. I could feel my face turn red and not for the first time that night I was thankful that the only light in the room was the candle in the middle of the table and the colored lights from the dance floor. I could make out his smug smile on his face and what I would give to kiss that smile off his face right.

I stood and pulled him to his feet saying “come on let’s dance, you can show me our dance moves”.

We made our way to the middle of the dance floor. When the song called ‘My Everything’ from 98 degrees comes on and we danced as we had a dose at the concert.

That when it hit me, Lisa must have seen us dancing at the New Year concert she may have even seen the kiss between us but with the little game of Alec must have confused her as who Alec was going out with. Thinking to myself ‘suck to be her’ I was going to have fun tonight and not give her another thought.

“Remember the first time we dance in front of a big group of people outside of the competition,” I asked him.

“How could I forget some of our school friends were there,” He said turning light pink.

“Heel and toe heel and toe skip to right skip skip,” I told him.

He laughed saying “heel and toe heel and toe skip to left skip skip,” He said.

I took Alec back in time to the first time we were pushed to the dance floor by our mothers at the Pinewoods old girls dinner dance six years ago how we dance an old folk dance in front of about 300 people and some of them were our school friends.

My eyes travelled down the bridge of his nose and lands on his pink lips. How I wanted to kiss these lips but I didn’t give in to my need, I just let my eyes travel back the same path back to his chocolate brown eyes. I could easily get lost in these chocolate brown eyes of his.

After the song end, we made our way back to the table where Emily was sitting down with Liz. I was having so must fun teasing Alec on the dance floor that I never noticed Liz coming back into the room. A nodded from Alec and myself as a note of acknowledgment from us of them and Alec help me into my seat once again he kisses the back of my hand. I gave him small smile that if you blink you would have missed it.

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