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water cooler

Just as he took his seat a small man came over and told us that it was time for the speeches. Alec gave a small nodded and stood up and held his hand out for me and of course, I took it as an aid to pull myself up on my feet. We made our way to the where the DJ had set up for the speeches.

Alec took the microphone from the DJ Nazi one of the waiters came around with a glass of champagne for us. Alec started “I am Alec Fernando and I was told to say few words as the best man. I grow up watching the Nigel and Clare show. This two have to be through the ring together. I ask you to raise your glass to Nigel and Clare may you have happy married life together.” With that, Alec took a sip of his glass and it was my turn.

I took the microphone from the Alec and started “I wasn’t asked to say a few words like Alec it was more like life or death for me” everyone laughed and I want on “all joke aside, I mate Clare at a ballroom dancing camp ten years ago. Little did know that the only resin she becomes friends with me was course she wants to get closer to Nigel when she asked me to intenders her to Nigel. As Alec said the two have there up and down over the years and stuck by one other through it all” I lifted my glass up and adds “to Nigel and Clare here to a long happy life together.” I took a sip of my glass.

We made our way towards the table again only, this time, we were stopped by Mark one of Alec cousins from his mother side. Mark was an only child and he and Alec always been close it may be the course they birthday are only two half week part. From the corner of my eye I could see Lisa and Michaela talking, Michaela was one of Alec oldest cousin she was over protective of all her cousins more of Alec and any other as Alec was by far her favourite cousins of them all. It was well known in the family how ill temper Michaela can be she and me are lot alike.

The last person we had gone our hands on was one of Emily bullies a girl name, Kathy. We team up to give some of her own medicine back by tagging her for change to see how she likes been bullied. Name calling, little pushing around, whispering things about her around, I can tell you it didn’t take along for the water works to start when she found out the so calls friends of her were no friends of her at all. I pitied her for a while before I got over it faster than you can blink. I can imagine what Michaela is said to Lisa right now. I for one didn’t really care for once I really didn’t care if she was beaten up or left to die in some corner of the room.

I could see my cousin Katie with her brother talking to Emily about something at the table. There were laughing following Katie eyes towards Lisa I knew it had to be about the little witch which mean that not only Alec family but now my family was going target Lisa as well. She really in, for now, Alec family is known for their verbal attack but some of my cousins well known for them meditate and physical attacks. Had it been anyone else other than Alec that she hurt I may pit her but Alec been everyone favourite person there was no one here would not love to see Turner suffer a long painful suffering.

I leave Alec side when Aunty Louise called me over for a little chat. I haven’t seen Aunty Louise for over six months which mean this well be a long chat. If you ever need to know about anyone it is Aunty Louise that you should be talking to which is why we come to call her gossiping queen saying that however once you get past the none stopping talking she is one of the coolest people to hang out with.

Aunty Louise asked, “my dear girl, what is this I hear about you and Alec?”

I asked, “me and Alec, what have you heard aunt”.

“I hear a lot of things, my dear, it seems that Lisa Turner was going out with Alec my dear sister told me that she hurt him and for while she as scared that Alec may never marry,” She tells me.

“Mrs. Fernando has a great relationship with her children they know that they can turn to her for help anytime. I knew about the break up only about six months ago when Alec told me, but I have never had this fears until he said he giving up looking for love. Then about two months ago we were talking about all the memories of Bulla we had collected over the years and everything just fell into place.” I told her.

“So you final told him how you feel without just hinting at it,” she asked.

“Kind off, I didn’t know for sure if he was ready for other relationship so I left the ball in his court so to speak,” I told her

“I am glad that he took that chance because the kind of love the two of you have is one in life thing. I saw the two of you together how defensive the two of you are of one other. Don’t think that I have not noticed the way you, Emily, Liz and everyone else has been keeping Turner way from Alec tonight. I love my nephew Lynn and like my sister I too have seen the wounds that have been left behind by these break ups of Alec’s and you will heal them in no time off that I am sure,” she tells me.

“Thank you, but I like to get through just tonight without a cat fight between the Turner and the girls. I am not sure Alec well survive one tonight of all nights. He wants this night to be about Nigel and Clare and tell you the truth I am too scared of what Turner may do tonight. I mean I have no fears about her coming between me and Alec it just like Alec I don’t want Turner to curse a scene tonight” I tell her.

“My dear every one of us here tonight is terrified of that more so my sister than anyone else I think,” she tells me.

“Mrs. Fernando is the strong lady I don’t think I can keep my temper in cheek if I was in her shoes tonight. I am sure that I wouldn’t have invited the Turners at all” I told her.

“you and me both my dear you and me both, I should let you go it look like Alec is waiting for you,” She told me while nodded her head towards Alec who was where I left him with his cousin only now there were some other people with him. I excused myself from her and went back to Alec.

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