He as a spell on me

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first kiss

Alec said, “Lynn I like you to meet Amy Summers, Amy this is Evelyn Jones “.

We shook hands and I knew I like her. Not just because she turns down a chance with Alec but course she was in love with him when she steps said for his happiness on her own. To me, there is anything else that says I love you more than that.

“Amy was my only competition in high school,” Alec told me.

“We all need someone to compete with to help us better yourself,” said Mike.

Would you know it Mark sister Jane come over to join us and long with her came Turner and of course see this Emily and Liz joined us as well? From what Alec as told me about Amy in the past I knew Amy was a fighter one that never gives up. I could see this turn out to be a cat fight and so I needed to do something. First thing gets Alec out of this little gathering and so I asked Alec “you should ask Jane to dance”.

“What are you up too,” he asked me. It still scares me sometimes to know how well he knows me.

“Don’t worry I am not going to kill Turner, not tonight?” I tell him and then smile and kiss she cheek.

“Be careful?” he said and kisses my forehead.

“Ain’t I all was,” I asked him with a small smile.

But he never got to ask his cousin to that dance because Jane beat him to it. “Alec would like to dance,” Jane asked him. Just maybe she overheard me and put two and two together no one knows.

“You read my mind,” Alec told her as he offered his hand to her.

As I watch them walk towards the dance floor I told Mike “that one smart sister you have there”.

“I know” was all he said.

Before anyone could say anything or do anything to send Turner away and angry little voice was heard “I had it with you, Turner, I have to try to give you hints before but it seems that you are dumber then I through so I am going to come right out and say it. So listen I am only going to say this once. No one here wants you here and there is not one girl her that wouldn’t tear you apart given half chance. You had your chance with Alec and you BLOW IT. I am not going let you get any other not now not ever” Emily said. She was so angry you could see the steam coming out of her ears. Her face was red with anger.

I out hand on her shoulder and told her “Take a walk and cool off”. Mike joined her to keep her company.

“Amy Summers meet Lisa Woo and Lisa Turner, girls this is Amy Summers,” I said.

At this point, I could feel a pair of eyes burning into my back and so I scanned the dance floor and my eyes lock with a pair of chocolate brown ones. Alec looked worried so I gave him little smile to let him know that everything is ok. When I turn back towards the little party I saw that Emily and Mark were on they’re a way back to where we were. Maybe I spoke too soon I hope Fresh Air had help Emily cool off.

“So you’re the girl that left Alec to go overseas,” Turner said to Liz.

“And you the witch that turn down happily ever after with him for a life of a slut” Liz replied. I have to hand it to Liz she knows to stick the knife in.

“I don’t know what you were thinking to turn down a man like Alec,” Amy said to Turner.

And here it comes “I could ask the same thing Girly,” Turner said to Amy.

“That easy if I said yes I knew that he would put 100% into our relationship but unlike you, I also knew I would never have his hold heart,” Amy said.

“You can say that again,” Turner said with a smile and it was time someone put her in place.

“No, you don’t understand you see his been in love with someone since he was ten years old. Long before you or I or Liz meet Alec and he still in love with her to this day” Amy told her.

To see Turner face was something. It was priceless. Words fail me at this time. I couldn’t help but smile to see Turner smile turn upside down. I could see that she was going out of her mind to try to finger out who that girl that Alec is in love with.

Emily and Mark had made them way over by now. “I have to know Turner, why did you come tonight?” Emily asked.

“Alec once told me Mount Bulla was one of the places in the world that mean the most to him but he ever told me why. So I come tonight to ask him back been in Bulla I hope to make a fresh start, this time, make it work. I thought it be good to place sense Mount Bulla mean so much to him” Turner said.

“You never loved him you told him yourself and what more you use him and threw him way like he was rubbish. You played games with his heart for little over two years. What make you think he wants you back” I asked her.

“I don’t know what he meant to me until he was out of my life,” she told us.

“A relationship is built on trust you lie and by doing so you break any trust he had in you. Why should he believe you now” I asked her?

“I love him,” she said.

“Would you step aside and let him have a relationship with someone else?” Amy asked. She a smart girl she as caught on to my lining of quotations.

“Hell no, I fight to keep him,” Turner said.

“Well that just shows us that you don’t care for him,” Emily said and then adds “It does not matter because Alec is in a great relationship and my parents are over the moon about it. In my mother words, ‘He couldn’t have picked a better girl’ and my family couldn’t be happier for him” Emily said.

“Well I kissed him first,” Turner said towards Liz.

“I got news for you, Liz is Alec first girlfriend and therefore she is his first kiss,” Emily said.

“Umm Emily, I may have been Alec first girlfriend but I am not his first kiss, I am I Lynn,” Liz asked me

Before I could say anything Alec’s voice come over the music as he said “No you ain’t, that title goes to Lynn here” He said as he stood behind me I could feel his arms go around me.

“What,” they all said at once.

“I believe I promised you this dance before dinner is service,” Alec said and he led me out into the dance floor leaving the group behind with their jaws dropped opened well all excepted Amy and Liz that is.

As we moved away I could hear Emily asked: “when, where, how”.

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