He as a spell on me

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night come to end

As we danced around the dance floor Alec asked: “what are you thinking of”. I must of zone out for mint.

“Do you remember the last time we in this room?” I asked him

“I never forget it was 4th of July party for teens,” He said and we both found out self-back in time once again.’

The room was full of young teens there was no band just a sing box on the little platform and there was a man about early 20’s call himself the DJ Masse. We were in the middle of the dance floor dancing with one another. The house lights were turned off and mirror ball was reflecting the colorful light that was flashing on the stage.

Nigel and Clare were dancing at one end of the dance floor. Closer to the stage was my brother Nila and one of his female friend’s name Maggie. Somewhere on the end of the dance floor were Jackson and his bitchy girlfriend Kathy. Towards the left-hand side of the dance floor was Emily and six of her closest friends dancing together in a group.

Alec had just turned 18 and his older brother had given him a beer and his friend and hand in jinn and tonic two within hour and he was in a fit of giggles as we dance.

“I love you, more than anything or anyone in this world Lynn and if I had it my way I would marry you tonight but life doesn’t always give us what we want. Umm in this case you are the life you know, you the only person that stands in my way. That and dumb law that says you have to be 18 to marry. It stupid law you know and tell you why. I knew that I was in love with you when I was ten and before my 13 birthday, I knew that I was going to marry you and no one else. If I could have my happily ever after with you I don’t want it with anyone else” Alec told me.

Alec kissed my left cheek and then he pulls me closer to him and whispered in my ear “I going to marry you one day Evelyn, just wait and see”.

“That it, no more drinks for you tonight,” I told him but he never knows just how happy he made me that night with these words of his that night.

As we came to again from our past the song was coming to end. The DJ said, “please return to your seats and dinner well be service shortly”.

The most of the dinner was uneventful that was until dusters. You see there were two kinds of dusters one Camel and the other Chocolate Mouse. Been Chocolate lover I was looking forward to the Mouse but wouldn’t you know it I end up with the camel and that night a new game started with me and Alec. Dusters switching game was born that night it was every easy to play the only rule is there are no rules to this game. When Mr. White started to talk to Alec I took his plate and took a bit of the Mouse. It was so creamy and soft that it just melts in your mouth. To remember the tease, I close my eyes and took it all in. When I opened my eyes I see that Alec had taken the plate back and so when he was one again talking to Mr. White I took off him once again. This when on like this until there was no more Mouse left and the plate was cleaned.

It was a game that we have not played for years the last time we played this game was when he was ten and I had just turned eight. It was over the last slice of coffee cake at his mother’s birthday party. It was the first time that we had anything with coffee in it and let me tell you we both were like two little-drunk people that day. We were hippo as we none stop talking, dancing, giggling, run around make fools of ourselves for good two and half hours we did not stop at all. Coffee as always had that effect on us even to this day only now it talks a lot more than four cups of pure strong black coffee with three big teaspoons of sugar.

After dinner Nigel and Clare made around. Going table to table talking to all guests meet family members and friends of both. Both families welcome the bride and groom to be with opened arms. There was so much love in the area it was intoxicating at times.

As the night wants on Alec danced with Liz, Emily, his mother, even Clare again while I had danced with Nigel who told me a shocking story about Turner and his Aunt Louise had told him when he wants on the around with Clare. He also informed me that Clare was telling Alec the same story.

“You know when Clare and I did the rounds, Aunt Louise told us about Turner, she just hears about Turner’s running in with the law,” he said.

“Oh, where did she get the information from?” I asked

“Mrs. Turner told her,” He said

“So what is the story?” I asked him.

“It seems that Turner was caught with the speed at Next Blue nightclub six months ago along with her boyfriend John Myra. She is band from seeming him or even going out of the house without one of her parents” He tells me.

“So that why she here,” I said to myself more than him. Then I asked him “why is she not behind bars?”

“She was told to go to rehab at hope house and that where she had been for the last five and half months,” he said.

“Oh, that lying little… she told us that she here because she wants Alec back that she knows she loves him now. I should have known that little… Oh” I said out of anger.

“evil little thing, but there is more it seem that Mrs. and Mr. Turner blamed it on John Myra. Mrs. Turner words were ‘if it wasn’t for the little monster Myra my baby would never have been caught up in drugs’. Mothers are often blind to their children wrong doings but she is wrong about her daughter this time” he said.

“I told Alec I would not kill her tonight, I gave him my word. Why on earth did I do that?” I asked Nigel.

“Because you love him and don’t want to take the spotlight away from me and Clare’s night,” he told me and then he adds “what are you going to do?” he asked me.

“I talk to her and let her know that I know. I make it seem like I knew along but did want to bring it up in front of the others” I told him then added “don’t wrong I am not going to not going to kill her tonight but tomorrow I can’t promise you that” I told him. He only smiled at me without a word.

The next song Alec and I dance together again it was Jeff Timmons song called when you whisper that way. It was the song I had sung to Alec only a month ago at for his birthday. Our eyes lock with one other the holding room vanished it was just to two of our dance. At the end of the song Alec and I walk back to the table.

Sit down and take a sip of water when Uncle Brian came and sat down with Aunty Joy. A Little while later one of the waiters came for Uncle Brian and so Alec asked his mother for dance and I saw my chance to talk to Turner. This time, I was not going to play nice. Seen her walk I made my move. I took hold of her arm tie and pulled her into the lady room said: “we need to talk?”

“Oh, you hurting me,” she said.

Mistake on her part only made me hold even tier and it sure feels good to hurt her a little. I locked the door and still hold on to her I kick every loo door to make sure that no one is offside.

Then I turn to Turner and said “cut out the bull, I know why you’re really here. I know about you little running in with the law, how you were found with speed at the Next Blue night club with you little boyfriend John Myra or should I say ex-boyfriend. You just want Alec back so that you can show your parents that you can pick a great guy and then when they trust you again you just hurt Alec again. That why you want Alec back your vile little bitch” I told her finally letting her arm go.

“I don’t know you’re talking a…” she said

I cut off “Shut up I didn’t say you could talk” I took hold of her arm again and pull her hard in front of the mirror then I told her “Take a good look at yourself that is not the face of a human but it faces of druggy a criminal. That what you have become anyway why would an Attorney of the law want to go out with you because one and half years’ time from now Alec will be a full-time district Attorney. He has sworn to up law while you chose to spit in the face of law” I told her.

Then I added “who knows the next time you break the law it just may be Alec who is your prosecuting lawyer. Did you think about that, of course not because you never think about anything but yourself do you?”

“Alec is going be Doctor, not a Lawyer,” she said

I stop at the door on my way out and told her “for someone who dated him for two years you don’t know him at all, he did dabble degree in his first year, one was Medicine and the other Law and at the end of his first year he picked Law over Medicining” told her. I could not help but smile as I walk out of the lady room and joined Alec and Nigel who were talking at the table long with the girls.

The night was slowly coming to an end little by little the guess was leavening. Only hand full of guess where left in the ballroom and the next Mrs. and Mr. Turner were taken there leave too.

After the Turner family left the only once that were left was our families and our first cousins. They were staying at close by the night had turned out to be great.

Nigel said to me “you know for mint there I thought you were going to kill her when Clare told me that you had pulled her into the lady room”.

“I gave me work to Alec that I would not kill tonight,” I told him.

“Yes I know but I saw how angry you were at her after my little story. We all do and say the thing that we don’t mean when we are that angry or last I do especially to someone who hurts my family” He tells me.

“Like I told you tomorrow’s another day,” I told him with offside smile.

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