He as a spell on me

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morning after

Then next morning I was awakening by whispering and giggling Emily and Liz. Take then pillow and pulling it over my head to try to shut them out. I shut my eyes tie as I can try to will myself back to sleep. Useless as it was I did not want to get up this morning. I was not happy to be woken from the wonderful dream I was having. It was like none other I had in the pass will if it wasn’t for the fact that Alec was in it I would be up by now instead of trying to will myself back to sleep.

After few mints, I gave up try to fall asleep again. Hopeless as it was I sat up throwing the pillow at Emily and Liz for waking me up in the first place and soon the three we were having a pillow fight like we use to do when were children. I found myself to be attacked from the left by Liz and from the right by Emily.

“Two against one not far” I yell and picked up another pillow and started to hit both of them at the same time. We were will into our pillow fight when there was a tap at the door.

Not stopping out fight all three of us yell “it’s open” then Mrs. Fernando head pop in through the door we stopped and found yourself try to hide the pillow behind our back much as we have done as children whenever we were caught having a pillow fight. The three of us stood there with our hair messed up from the fight looking innocent as always.

Mrs. Fernando just stood there shake her head at us at first then she just laughed say “please get ready soon girls we are all going for lunch”.

“Lunch, what about breakfast?” asked Emily

“It 11:30 am sweetheart you all slept through breakfast”

“Even the boys,” Emily asked.

“No just Alec,” Mrs. Fernando said.

“We were up most of the night last night, he wanted to talk,” I told them.

“Is he ok?” Emily asked.

“Yeah, it must have been hard for him to have a reminder of all the pain he went through” Liz said.

“He fine just wanted to talk things out,” I tell them without telling them what we had talked about last night because I know that Alec will tell them went he is ready too. I said “ok, one of you go the bathroom I weak Alec” I know I had this *it eating smirk on my face which I use to wear whenever I was up to something but the last two days it told Mrs. Fernando another story.

Mrs. Fernando shakes her head at me and I know she knows that I plan too weak Alec up with mind blowing kiss like I had done yesterday morning. But tell you the truth I was going weak him up one away or other. I walk over to boy’s room and push the door open and there he was sleeping on his stomach wear the only pair of old tracks suit pants. I sigh at the sight I was hoping to get another look at this hard six pack again. I could see that he didn’t wear any night socks and idea form in my head. If I can kiss him wake or see that six pack, then I was going to tickled the underside of his foot.

I scanned the room to see what I could sue to tickle him with. Seen along Magpie feather on the table I took it and stood at the side of the bed. Lightly running the feather along his back as I did I could see all his muscles constricting.

I whispered in his ear “Alec, weak weak”. I could see a small smile on his lips and I know his weak.

“Get up,” I told him only after a few mints when he didn’t move.

I run the feather along his back again and I could see that he was biting his top lips to stop himself from laughing.

“Ok, Alec you asked for it,” I tell him and move down to the end of the bed. I sat on top of his legs putting all my weight on them, so he couldn’t move them. “Are you going to get up?” I asked him still he did not move.

I started to tickle his left foot and he flopped his foot about like fish out of the water. Then I moved over to his right foot and the something happened his leg just flopped like fish out of the water. Then I started to tickled both that the same time and he were flopping about the bed like a merman. Soon the room was fell with the sound of laughter and giggles from me. I was having so much fun but I knew that it to stop soon.

“I make a deal with you Alec you don’t have to get up just turn around so that I can see that sexy six pack of yours,” I told him. I was ready with the camera to take a phone of him in bed shirtless. I always went a photo of his Abs. and when he does turn around laughing he say “I see you just want to see my body” and before he knew what was happing I took the phone and run out of the room known that he would run after me to delete the photo I just took.

But like always he did leave the room until he had a shirt on by the time he came after me I have already hidden the camera.
When I see the look on his face I run out of the house and he runs after me. When he catches me he picks me up and yell at the top of my voice “Alec Fernando don’t you dare” Known what he had planned for me.

He walks over to the lake and threw me in. coming up from under the water I told him “Just of that I going post the photo on every web site from here to kingdom come” I tell him

“You wouldn’t,” he said.

“Then help me out of here,” I asked him and then he give me his hand I pull him onto the lake.

Once he comes up from under the water, he gets hold of me he started to tickle me and find out that I am not as ticklish as he is. After while we both walk into house wet head to toe. We were the last two to get ready and jet it only took us half hour to dress and come down.

I have to pick short floppy skirt with matching black and white button up shirt which was tied at the end to show my flat Abs. My hair was loss due to the fact it was wet thanks you Alec. Alec had dark blue DNKY and shirt. He looked sexy as always not that I would tell him that right now. I gave him a kiss on the cheek before we both went out to the van where our families were waiting for us.

Once we got to the La Maggie’s for lunch. We had about 20 people at our table. Katie and her brother Tim were talking about last night. It was mostly about how nice Clare looked and what they liked and disliked. Mark and his sister were in on the talk too.

Once we arrived the topic turn towards the cricket games that were going on. Everyone had a say on how there did like that fact that one-day game seems to be disappearing from the cricket world. The lunch was great it was like any family get together. It fun and thank full no one talk for one little girl that everyone disliked. Her name did not up at all.

After lunch, Alec pulled me to the side and asked me “what was going on here Lynn? Everyone is being nice to one other!” I know what he means Katie and her brother use to fight all the time.

“Maybe they all are growing up at last?” I told him. Tell you the truth I didn’t know what was going on any better than him.

He laughs it off like it was a joke and more I think about it the more I think it sound like a joke to my ears too well first then again this time and age are when they need to stick to together. What do I mean you ask? Here late I tell you, well try to tell you. There both in their late teen it ages one could have a boyfriend or girlfriend. It is a time in their lives where they need one other backing to go up against their fathers and once there have their fathers on their side with the help of sister or brother only then can their get their mothers to see the picture as their see it.

Hopefully, I helped you understand what I am tried to say now only if I could make Alec understand too. But I can see where he coming from too. As far Alec would see it was their way to not talk about Turner and it was driving him crazy.

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