He as a spell on me

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afternoon with Alec

After lunch, Alec and I just want on a long walk without a word to others. Hand in hand we walked down the path that ends at the waterfall. Once at the waterfall I was reminded of another waterfall we had gone to see with our families the last time we had gone Lakes Side. We saw a sign that said 10KM walk to the mine Niagara fall but once we got there it looks like someone was standing on top and holding the horse. I shake my head try to get out of the remarry.

Then laughter from Alec bring me out of it and asked him “what so funny?”

“Remember so call Mime Niagara fall” He tell him and nodded.

We have been think of the something. Funny, how that keep happening more, mare often than before. I had to smile but sometimes it scared me. Don’t get me wrong I like that I and Alec are so close but it like we are one I don’t know where he starts and where I end. I feel like I am changing and become someone I didn’t know and it scares me why? I scared that Alec may not like who I am becoming or more like who he turning me into.

It complicated, but then I guess all relationships would be. We walk slowly to towards the water and sat down without feet in the water still hold hands. I put my head on his shoulder and close my eyes late the sun warm me. It nice to be in each other company without anyone else around to drive us crazy. Just the two of us and we didn’t need to say anything we were contending with each other.

And after night Alec had last night with Turner I knew that he need this today. So will the others be doing the tourist’s thing me and Alec would just have a day for us. That was until Alec got this bright idea of going dancing at the Mrs. Matthews dancing classes at the local mall and wouldn’t you know it I just couldn’t say no to him. Tell you the truth I feel like dancing and any chance to dance with Alec I would jump at the chance and that is how we found ourselves here in this dancing class.

After two hours of dancing, we were both looking nice cold drink. We walked down to the sports bar around the corner. Would you know it; the two groups were there given interviews to late night news.

The cricket was playing on the TV it was Western Australia against Victoria. I got us a table close to the pool table with a good view of the TV while Alec got the drinks.

Seen a pool table been cleaned I grabble it. It has been a few years seines we have played pool against one other. I think to myself that this going to be fun. When Alec joins me I was setting up the first game of pool. I threw one of pool sticks at Alec who caught it with one hand.

“You ready to lose?” he asked.

“You wish,” I tell him.

“If I win I get take a photo of you in a little red bikini,” He tells me.

“If I win I get to take a photo of you in anything but Speedos,” I tell him.

“What about the photo you took this morning?” he asked.

“That does not count your Hairy legs are not in them,” I tell him and then my eyes wide at the words that come out of my mouth and poor Alec face turn nice pink color.

“Oh… Wait how do you know that I got hairy legs?” he asked me.

I could feel my face turn red and I wasn’t about to tell him well not yet. I do I tell him how I walked in on him changing once or the fact I that I had walked in on him in the shower once.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” I tell him while laughing.

“That it, you’re going down little girl,” he said.

“You’re on,” I tell him.

The first game we find ourselves going hit to hit toe to toe. It all came down to the last shot and wouldn’t you know it Alec just stood on the other side of pool table making faces at me cursing me to miss my shot.

“Cheat,” I say.

He laughs at me saying “look like we are going shopping for a bikini” make his short he stands up smiling at me.

“Cheat, cheat,” I tell him and he kissed me to shut me up. Pulling apart I shake my head and asked “rematch”.

Only this time I turn him out my eyes were on the pool balls and again we were hit to hit toe to toe only, this time, the out coming was that I won. I took a bow in front of him and he picks me up and threw me over his shoulder and walked out of the bar.

“Put me down your big goof,” I tell him.

The only reply I got was a shake of his head. It looks like we were going shopping and he knew that I hate shopping as much as he did or maybe more than he did.

We were shopping for a little red bikini for me thanks to Alec. He as always tried to get me into bikini and all the years we know each other I have never had one and I never like them because in my mind I had never had the body for it. Alec as always told me that it was all in my head. He as more than ones told me that I have a great body that I was perfect in every way. After all these years he was going to get me into one and I was not looking forward to it and he knew this.

Don’t get me wrong he loves me and I know that. He shows me over and over again but sometimes we like to pick on one other put one other out of our comfort zone. We have always done this to one other and it helps us to face things in our life or that is what we tell each other.

It didn’t take long to find red bikini only find my size was an another story a half an hour later we were head over to our favourite waterfall where we were this morning to take the photos that Alec wanted. It was little hideout that Alec and I have gone to over the years just to get way from others. Alec had me stand on rocks with the waterfall behind me. Two hours later we were heading back to the house. Pulling into driveway we see cars which tell us that the others are back and before we go in I turn to Alec and kissed him.

“Thank you, Alec, I had great day,” I tell him.

“Me too,” he tells me and returns the kiss.

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