He as a spell on me

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Say what you need to

The night came upon us bring us back to our families and the unwelcome Visitor that had come calling on us well more like Alec. SO Alec and I stayed outside sitting on the swing Alec pulled me down onto his lap with his arms around me. We both listen to what was going on as we watched the sunset and how it turns the sky into a rosy pink colour. We could hear Emily and the unwelcome Visitor talking just inside the doorway. I for one was not going to say the unwelcome Visitor name today or if it can be helped.

“What do you want,” Emily asked the unwelcome visitor.

“I was told that the kids stayed in today so that your mummy and daddy can have some time to together so I came to talk to Alec we really need to talk,” unwelcome Visitor told her in childlike voice.

“Well you’re out of luck his not here, in any case, no one saw Alec all day,” Clare told her which told Alec and me that Nigel was home.

Alec sighed Turn to me and said “let get this over with” and with that he pushes me off his lap stood up and pulled me up off the swing. He took hold of mine hand and pulled me along for the ride.

Coming up behind the Visitor and asked in ice cold voice “what do you want Turner” to me he voice was cold as steel and it must course the unwelcome visitor to jump at the sound of his voice. I for one can tell you that it was good to see fear in her eyes for one.

“Well, you wanted to talk so talk” just want you to think his voice couldn’t get any colder it seems like he had on the heart for a little while and it shakes Turner up for the first time she scared of him.

A shaky voice asked “I hope to talk you alone” she sound like little mouse try to face a big bad cat and no one at the house feel sorry for her.

“No whatever you have told me you can say it in front of them after all you and I both Know I am only going tell them after you gone,” Alec said as he pushes pass her while pulling me along.

“Umm, I don’t know where to start” she started only to be cut off.

“You got five seconds after that I never want to see you again,” Alec told her.

“I don’t know what wrong with you Alec this is not you but I came to ask you to give us other chance” she starts to say only be cut off again.

“You have got to be kidding me, listen to me I am only going to say this one. There is no us you don’t love me you said it yourself. And I for that matter don’t love you. I may have once cared you but I was never in love with you. I have been in love before Turner and I can tell you what left for you was the kind of love and friend or brother feels for another. The only resin I asked you to marry me was because the only girl that I love started to pull away from me. Because of this, I lost hope in ever get together with her or make her fall in love with me. I was at a low point in my life feel sorry for myself when you came long. You were there and I may have never been in love with you but I cared for you and so I asked you to marry me but you turned me down and that was the best thing that could have happened because it pushes me into the arms of the one girl I have to give up on ever been with. The one girl that I always loved and will love and now she mines all mine” Alec told her and without another word he shut the door in her face. Funny how towards the end his voice sounded as it cooled down like the ice was melting.

Without a word to the others he pulls me long and we found ourselves in the guy’s room. He looks tired and so I push him down the bed and told him to lie on his stomach. I gave him back massage until he drifted off to sleep. Making sure that Alec had fallen asleep I made my way to down to the kitchen to help the other with dinner.

“Is Alec ok” was the first thing Nigel asked upon seen me.

“He sleeping, he is fine,” I tell them.

“I kind of shocked that you didn’t beat the living daylight out of Turner,” my brother said.

“Couldn’t do it even if I wanted too well not with all of you around I can’t have someone calling the police on me now could I” I joked with him. It got Laugh out of everyone.

“What did you and Alec do today?” Emily asked

“Went down to the waterfall and head over to dancing class and played few games of pool,” I told them but I never told them about the little red bikini that was now hidden in my bag.

After helping with the dinner I want too weak up Alec for dinner and we all had a nice night in watching movies and tell ghost stories.

Unable to sleep any longer I found myself sitting at the dining table writing and as the words from on the word page on my laptop. For the first time, I could see a story from right in front of my eyes. Within hours I had my story, my love story and it was mine to tell as I saw fit. Been our last night here at Mount Bulla I had planned to relive our first Kiss and it this to happen I had to find an old silver two-door Ford. I knew a just way to find one I was going to need help from Nigel and Liz the only one knew what happened that night. I have talked the mothers in to have a BBQ tonight at the park and now I only hope that the weather holds out.

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