He as a spell on me

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happy ending

So our day start with a nice long bush walk to caves point and it was eight years ago the younger generation took the lead. Leading in front was Nigel with new add his wife to be Clare behind him. Followed by Alec and my brother and unlike eight years ago it wasn’t Kate but Emily who kept me company this time around. Follow the pack was lonely wolf young Jackson and as it happens eight years ago I slip and cute my leg and would know it this was one part I was hoping to skip this time around. Poor Jackson copied it again even tho he didn’t pull me down as he had done eight years ago.

Once we came to the view point everything seems to play itself out. It is getting cold up here for summer day it seems that we were in the middle of winter it was a cold raining as it had then. When we got to the top we were all wet and starving but for rain summer day it was clear and so I took has many as photos I could of the view in between I took a photo of Alec too.

We had drinks as we want for the older generation to catch up to us. Alec and I sat on one of the rocks while Clare and Nigel were on other. The others sat on the rocks that they could find. Once everyone was too together we had lunch and when it was time for us to talk down the sky turn blue and the sun was shining. Only I was a clod and wet just I had been right years ago after falling face first into the snow and so I sat in the back seat of the browned car and Alec sit long side me only this time it was I who kissed him.

“I am going to do something I have always want to do it a desire I had for a while now” and with that, I kissed him full on the lips and before we knew what was happening we were making out. Pulling part out of breath need of air and smiled.

One we were both warm and change of called for and we walk hand I n hand down to every swing where we were eight years ago. We both sat down and start to swing ourselves.

I look at him from the corner of my eyes and out of the blue he says “If I kiss you for the world to see would you be mad at me?”

I shake my head; it as seems that I have lost my voice for the time been.

“I am umm… not sorry that kissed you that day” He tell me

I look at him but he his looks ahead without facing me as he had done eight years ago.

“I could never be umm… you know sorry about that” he says

He turns look at me by now we have stop swing. We were face to face and I nodded my head and tell me “I glad”.

“I am sorry, umm... look I umm... don’t want to lose you huh... but after that away I behaved I understand if you don’t want to be…” he tells me. I stand in front of him and gave him kiss to hurt him up.

See the girl heading towards us “let go for walk” I say to him and he nodded his head.

Hand in hand walk away from the others. “I love you, you have always been there for me and even stood up for me more times than I care to count. For that, I love you more, that and the fact that you just been you my best friend.” I take well need a breath.

I say “As my best friend I know I count on to be there for me. But Alec I am the fool I didn’t know then what I know now, I knew I was too young but I need really knew just how much power you have over me. Until today I did know what it was when you kissed me that day you did something to me. It started something so powerful in me that I had no idea what it was but I final know. Alec Fernando, you have a spell on me. A spell I can’t break a spell I wouldn’t break even if I could. You have me hooked that day and I had never been able to free myself and all these years I waited for you pull me out of the water”.

He takes me into hug and placing his finger under my chin he made me look up him and kiss me and then asked:” you’re mine all mine?”.

I told him “yeah always” then kissed him.

Sitting down with the family to for dinner at the part with stars shining in the clear night sky which were bring us hope to a year to come it is back to the city tomorrow and the life that we have left behind for the last month and a half. Friends that wait for reports of this holidays and new friends to be made as I would start a new chapter in life one that I know I will not be alone. I have someone at my side Alec and along with him come his family and mine. For the first time, I can see that life was going to better and then it had been.

“To new family and new friends,” Nigel said holding his glass in the air.

“To new and old relations,” Emily said holding her glass in the air.

“To new and old friends,” Nila said holidaying his glass in the air.

“I drink to that” everyone said all together and took a sip of the glass.

“To new chapter of our life,” I said holding my glass in the air and add “may it get better and better”.

“We drink to that,” every said and took a sip they glass.

That night soon come to end at the park with cricket for everyone join in. Another holiday comes to end with a happy ending as always but unlike any other this time it will be hard to say bye to one man I love. I know I see him every weekend and some days after school until our wedding night this how our life will be for a while but I take comfort in one thing and that it that he as a spell on me a love spell.

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