He as a spell on me

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Hit and Miss

I remember sitting in the back seat of the dad car a Nissan Maxima IT, my brother sitting in the front seat, and mother in the driver seat. I was looking forward to seen him, more to the point to tell him that I am in love with him. I was smiling all week; I even took more care in what I was wearing tonight. Wearing my hair down just because I know that he like my hair loss. Even changing my earring to one he gave me at my fourteen birthday that year. He had told me he had handpicked them himself.

At some point we girls were sitting at the kitchen table talking about the cricket game that we were go to see next go week. When I stopped a girl sitting in the corner by herself feeling sorry her I want over to her, said “hi, my name is Evelyn, and what your name?”

The girl replies “Lisa”, she was shy timid reserved nervous bashful, or that the impression she gave everyone that night, she was 5′4 in high with beautiful full body girl.

As we got to know each other I hear his voice “I see that tow meet?” I nodded and I know that tone of his voice I knew what was to come even as I wished it to be not true it was hard not to see that look in his eyes.

“we need to talk, I have news!” at we both say at the same time.

Then I see it his eyes were on her, and that smile on his face. I saw that smile on them two years ago when he told me he was going out with Lisa Wo, an exchange student from the states.

“Let me get a drink and I join you outside.” I say and get to top up my class. Take moment for myself to come to terms with the new outcome I made my mind up to move on leave my feels for Alec behind.

I walk outside and I hear “She hate me?” this girl Lisa said to Alec.

“no, with Evelyn what you see is what you get, even if she hates you she tells you to your face. That why she is my best friend, I know I can count on her be there no matter what happen between us” he tells her. I wish that true I was about to break my heart and maybe even damage our friendship all in name of move on.

It still scares me how well he knows me. As much I want to leave him behind I know we still be in each other live in some from but at the same time it would never be same again. I watch them his hand around midway her hand around his neck. You know what they say if you love them set them free. I could see the how happy he looked standing there with her in his arms and that want for him, I could only hope to be happy like that with someone one day.

Unable to watch the lovebirds I call out “cut it out to two or get a room,” right on cue they pull back,

“I want to tell you,” he says and I smile at him.

I could embarrass him here and that just what I did by saying “I got the idea, back there in the kitchen, when you’re undressing her with your eyes, you lucky that you mother back was to you,” I tell him. I watch their face turn beetroot red.

Shaking my head, I had my fun at his expenses I added “Come on I know you die to watch your childish movie.” a look of choked took over his face and could help laugh at him. It not often that I get the better of him and when I do, I admit that full advantage of the situation.

After dropping Emmie of at her dancing class Alec and I hit the movies, as we took our sits he asked “what give”

I must have made a face at him because he laughed at me and side “it not like you to pick a chick movie over good action movie”

I nodded my head and then it happened, I replied “I need to laugh, She the man is a good movie to laugh at.”

He said “you think George of the Jungle is not filmed for people our age but you’re ok with She the men”

I had to smile at that, I say “She the man is all in one movie while George of the Jungle is just silly as the song.”

He nodded then say “just when I think I know all about you, you show a side of you I have not seen.”

I just said, “well keep you on your toes.”

He gave me that smile the one that he hides from everyone it been while since I see that smile. After the then movie, we make our way to the dance studio to pick up Emmie before he doped me home.

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