He as a spell on me

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listen to Faith

I looked outside it was still dark turning my head to look at the time, it was only 4:45am. I had only a few hours of sleep and it must have shown on my face.

Alec asked: “what time did you sleep last night”

I look up at him and tell him “I plan on sleeping all the way there”

He only smiles at me. I have to look the way I know that smile he was not planning on sleeping in the bus. Which means that they are a sing-along or tell a story about another trip we have been on. That was not going to stop me falling sleep, road trip long or short didn’t matter I would be a sleep before we pulled into the highway.

Then it came to me like lightning it hit all at once. It didn’t not matter what I did, even going as far as to avoid him at every opportunity for hold year. I knew that I love him and always will even if we were to stay part from of other there was nothing I could do it get reed of these feel of love I have for him. So I made up mine mind to go after him. I had to hide my smile by the end of this week he’s going to be mine, all mine. I was ready to take the next step with him.

I let the sleepover take me as put my head on Alec’s shoulder. I had to smile, somehow over the years Alec as become my favourite pillow. Around ten we stop, why is that whenever we go on the road trip that we always seem to stop at McDonalds for breakfast, or has it had come to be called Mcz, we were sitting eat our food at the table everyone starts to talk about the past trip we have taken over the years.

“do you remember the first overnight trip to Mt Bulla?” ask Nigel

“Oh! I remember how I was sitting in the car for hours try to arm up after Alec push me to face first into the snow.” I told them with a little smile.

While the other were laughing I whispered in Alec ear “and the kiss” I laugh as I watched Alec miss bite his food.

“I still want to know which one of you put itching powder in my pants,” Jackson asked

Everyone laughed, Emmie whispered in my ear “I got same more if you are game” I gave her small nodded, I am always game and then got an idea to frame Jackson, the plan slowly formed in my mind. My target was going to have to be Nigel for it to work. This was going to be little tricky not known the sleeping arrangements. Now the only question is how? I think of something.

My eyes note a poster on the window, it a concert that was in town for the holiday and group by the name of Bone thugs and harmony who was one of my favourite hip-hop groups called Bone thugs and harmony.

“Alec, take a look at that,” I said pointing to the poster. I wonder if he remembers...

“Want to go,” he asked, with a dream look in his eyes.

“Could we?” I ask backing my eyes at him.

He laughed at me and my silly “why not” he added.

I kiss his cheek “thank you”. going to this concert mean so much to me but going with him to a concert where they been songs from Bone thugs and harmony mean the world to me. Alec takes his phone out and called the Town ticket place.

Alec and I walk out of Mcz and he tells the others “we meet you guys at the bus”

We walk to the ticket place and get two tickets. I was going to use that concert as a first date but he kept them, I only hope that they sing that one song that means the world to me (see you at the crossroad). This trip just could not get any better; expected maybe us be in a relationship with each other.

It like fate wanted me and Alec to get together as a couple. Everything was falling into place. We were sitting on the bus. We still as to few hours ride into town and it was my turn to sing. I the idol that was left was an old 98 degrees and so I pick the song called wasn’t it something I didn’t say from first album second version.

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