He as a spell on me

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Once I finish the song we find that we were at the cabin (mount view). When you enter the cabin there was a large living area with the open fair place. Of to the side of the fair place was four foot decorated Christmas tree. There was a three seat couch, tow sofa beds with a flat screen television on the side wall, it also had a DVD player with a VCR. The sliding door on the other side of the room, which landed to was nice size kitchen with an oven and dishwasher. Behind the front door spiral stairs that heading upstairs that hold four-bed rooms. Ok, so this is not the cabin that we stayed last time. Which mean I had to rethink about my little plan about the itching powder and how we get back at Jackson for all the things he has put us through the year so far.

There were two bedrooms with attach bathroom on either side of open area upstairs, which our partners were going to take on one end of the cabin and on the other end there was two bedrooms with shared bathroom. When you face the room the right bedroom was small with a full-length mirror. On the back wall was a bunk-bed. This is going be Emily and my room for a month we are here. Then another room was a large room. Had two bunk-beds, one on the right-hand wall and other on the back wall and nice size cabinet for the guys. There was little sitting area upstairs. There was long four sitter coach and tow armed chairs, three beanbags plus coffee table. These would come handy when we play cards or just hung out talk, which is what we were most know to do, long with a game of cricket or just kicking the football around or basketball. Whether it is a one on one or two on two and three on three of course.

Emily takes my hand pulls me into our room as if she as a big secret to tell me. I look back at the guys and my eyes meet Alec. I see something in his eyes I have not seen before. There are is a mixer of sadness and something else. Something I could not put my finger on, it seems to shine but at the same time there was sadness that I couldn’t bear to see, my heart breaks at this sight. I gave him small shy smile, one thing I have not don’t for three years. As the door to our room closed I secretly wish that he remembers what happen here eight years ago. We start to unpack what we have come to call our everyday stuff. You know the tortillas, things like that, the material we need to use every day.

“Ok, tell me, are you to together I mean I saw that kiss at Mcz,” she asked. She sounds a teen that want her two friends to be dating.

“No, Emily we not to together and I kiss him like that all the time,” I told her but my voice had disappointment, that even I could tell.

“Oh no, you don’t and why not, I mean I know you love him and I also know that he loves you” she sounds annoyance.

“Well let me see the last time I try to tell him, he told me about Lisa Turner and before that there was what she faces the next thing I knew he was telling me that they broke up. Then two of us were dragged to car sale place where he got himself that Nissan Silver, the two door car from hell” I told her, then I had to go and smile. You know the one that makes me look like love sick puppy.

She rolled her eyes saying “don’t remind me, she was total bitch”

“I know you ever saw eye to eye with what’s her name and I don’t blame you, but known what I know about Lisa Turner, well, let just say that bitch has you call her is a saint” I sound little bitter even to my ears.

“I just what Alec to be happy and it really is a no brainier. He’s at his happiest when he with you, even a blind man can see that” she tells me, she as few unshared tears in her eyes.

“Just between you and me, I promise you, Emily, that I do everything I can to make him happy,” I told her hoping she gets my meaning.

There was a knock at the door “it opened” we both said at the same time.

“Are you up for little beach cricket?” Alec asked

“Oh hell yeah, a chance to kick your guy’s butts what the like hood of me give up a chance like that” Emily said

I had to laugh at that then manage to nod my head. He gave me a small smile and there was mischief in his eyes oh no what was he up to. The six of us walk down and then Ms. Fernando told us to be back for lunch at one. That they went to beat the game by two just in time to see the first ball at three.

“We’ll get lunch out mom,” Nigel said.

“Oh no, you ain’t going eat out on our first day here,” Mrs. Fernando said

“But mom, there not real point for us to come back for just for lunch” Jackson added

“We’ll bring you your lunch, take you cell with you Nigel,” Mrs. Fernando said

“I got its mine, mom” Jackson tell her, waving it in the air. I rolled my eyes at his ridiculousness.

“Come on” Emily yells at us front the front door.

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