He as a spell on me

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our game

Little did we know that the beach was been used by the team for warming up and so we were pushed to one end of the beach. We didn’t mind, that is Emily and I didn’t mind the eye candy that 6 out of 22 players were shirtless and they were running around the beach.

“Yummy,” Emily said

“Relishing” I added then whispered to Emily within the ear short of Alec “almost as your brother” I add giving Alec glance, He glaring at me now, he can’t hide that smirk of his and his cheeks are nice pink colour. I laugh as run past him take the bat off him.

“So who going to ball first,” I asked. Not give him any time to respond.

“Ok, automatic slips and wicketkeeper, plus everyone gets two overs each and you can’t go out on the first ball” my brother screams at us. I take my stand at one end of the pitch and look up to see Jackson was on the other end. I had to smile one thing about Jackson is that he never learns, yap he one of these boys that say that girls are not as good as a boy when it comes to sport.

The first ball was just the right length to play my favourite strike, driving it over the baller head for a four. “Lucky shot,” Jackson said

The next ball was a full toss at chat high and so I hooked it for a four down to 3rd man. Next, he gave me a bouncer which I hooked over 3rd man head for six.

“Half off an over and she already as 14 runs” Emily yelled at Jackson.

Next ball was the nice length I push it to the right-hand side and easy two runs. The fifth ball, I want down the wicket and hit over Jackson’s head for six.
“One ball to go and she on 22 runs, let get her out,” Nigel said.
I looked around and I knew where I was going to hit the ball next.

I reverse wiped it down for a four, at the end of my first over I had 26 run to my name.

“Give me that,” my brother said taken the ball off Jackson. He walks over to billing end of the patch. Ok, I am little scared now all because he been balling full speed at me and if I get hit by the ball I know it’s going hurt like hell. So I tell myself Just keep your eyes on the ball.

The first ball was over my head which was wide, it was to make me mad and let me tell you it worked.

“Oh so that how it going to be,” I asked him

“What Matter sis? You going down” He asked with grin

“Bring it on” I yell back at him. Mush to my surprise I face all six balls without going out and at the end I had 32 runs to my name. My brother had kept me 6 runs in his over.

Emily was next to bat, Alec took the ball, the guys all moved in for her. But like any girl who want to beat her brother at their own game. She pushed it for one and then next was dot ball which means she didn’t make any runs at all. 3rd ball she manages to push it to pass Jackson and she runs three. Four was another dot ball, and fifth was wide of Jackson for two. The last ball of the over was another dot ball. At the end of her first over she had 6 runs which were good news for her. I took the ball I knew she could play spin well, so I had to keep them low at her feet which was not my thing to do. I look around the ground than making eyes contact with Alec then my brother and gave them a little nod.

“Jackson move five step over to the right,” I told him. My first ball she managed to push for one run.

“Wake up Jackson” I yell at him.

The next ball she misses and the ball missed the wickets. She turns and looks at the wickets seen it still standing she smile at me. The next ball she pulls it hit the top side of the bat making the ball go high up, my brother runs in and dives for the ball.

He stands and threw the ball up yelling “you out”

Next was to bat was my brother. Nigel was calling to him. He managed to block the first ball which was followed by six over Jackson’s head. Then full toss which he managed to hit the ground stopping the ball end. Then the next one was pushed to the left side for one followed by two more runs. The last ball of the over he missed but the ball also misses the wicket by half cm. At the end of first over he was on 9 runs. Next baller was Emily.

“Come on Emily,” I tell her

She was spin baller which my brother loves to face. Everyone on full alert, we all want him out and Emily had a score to settle with him. The first ball was hooked to 3rd man, which he manages to run three. The next ball he pushes wide of me and starts to running and I threw it at the bitter end missing the wicket by cm so I managed to keep him to two.

“Nice throw,” Nigel said

“Thanks,” I told him.

Then the 3rd and 4th were dot balls. “Go, Emmie,” I told her. The fifth ball he hit her over her head for a four and the last ball he manages to run tow. So at the end of his batting, he was on 20 runs.

Then it was Jackson turn to bat Alec was balling again. This should be the shortest over anyone of us faced. For sure that just what happen just as every new first ball he missed and just missing the wicket. The next ball he blocked and ran one. Next one leaves it only to be cleaned balled, out. The ball takes out the middle stump out which fly out of the ground. He was balled out on the first over for just 1 run.

With only Alec and Nigel left to bat, we can say for sure that they both were going to get more than one run on the board we can say that Jackson lost this game. Alec was batting and Nigel was balling, both brothers have a level head when it comes to cricket or anything for that matter. They both played for the school team and now both were named in their teams in the university. They may not play to win but they will make sure the face tow full overs.

First, the ball was a push to the on-side for three runs, and then the next ball was a push on the offside for three more runs. The 3rd ball was driven down the ground for a four then Nigel got tow dot balls. The last ball of the over, Alec played a nice off cut for two runs.

Alec was quick in between the wickets; he could easily make one run into twos or threes. He had to be the fittest out all of us, which is not surprising since he spanned three days out the week in the gym doing weights, and two days a week going for a 5km runs.

The next over it was Jackson balling, the first ball he came down the wicket over the ball head for six. The next ball was balled at Alec feet which tip and run one. Then came the two dot balls which had us all shocked to the core. Fifth ball and bouncer which he hooked for four and the last ball was flick on the offside which at the speed Jackson was balling it when for one bounce into the fence for four. Alec finished on 27 runs.

Then it was last batsmen Nigel and my brother balling. This was going to be a close game between me and Nigel. “So what the score to beat,” Nigel asked

“32,” Alec and Emily said together.

“Lets’ play,” My brother said

We all took our stands around the ground. The first ball was push offside for two runs. Then next ball was driven on off side for two more runs. The 3rd ball was hooked for three runs and the next ball was pushed offside for three more. The fifth ball was hit two meters on the onside and he runs one then the last ball was miss and end up as dot ball. That the end of the first over Nigel was 11 runs and it was my turn to the ball.

I change my balling l style from slow spin to off cutters medium fast. My first ball was dot ball and the next ball was push to off side for two runs. The 3rd ball when over my head only I manage to get my hand to it. It breaks my nail I run and run after the ball Alec run into wicket we manage to keep him to two. 4th ball wants over Jackson’s head for four and then next one wide of Jackson for other four. My last ball was push off side for three runs. At the end, Nigel had 26 run one short of Alec level him in 3rd place which means that I won. I run and jump on Alec throw my arm around his neck, “I won, I won”

I kept say all course he was the closest to me. He arms were around my midway and he spins me around. This was first time that I won.

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