He as a spell on me

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fun fun fun

Then we all turn to the sea and laugh oh yeah, we going to hit waves before the game. Knowing us all wearing our swimmers under our clothes. Taken off out clothing and run towards the sea as we hit the water we start to splash one another.

I jump up on Alec back as he walks deeper into the sea. I turn my head to make sure we still in between the red and yellow flags. Feeling sorry for Alec I get off his back taken the body board with me as we get deeper and deeper, I take a mouth full of sea water and spit it back out. We turn and wait for a wave to take us back in. I was sitting in front and he was sitting behind me. His hand on my waist my hand flat on the board in front of me.
“I am so glad that is water and not snow,” I told him

He laughed “so that mean it ok if I push you to face first into the water,” he asked

“Are you admitting that you push me to face first into the snow eight years ago?” I asked him

“No, I still say that I am didn’t push you.” He said

“Maybe the fact that more than two people on the bobbing may have been too many,” I say

“Could have been, ok here we go” he tells me

“Alec,” I ask as the wave pick us up and start to take us back to the beach. I put my arms out to each side of me to steady myself.

“What,” he asked me

“I just want to tell you, I don’t regret it,” I tell him.

“It,” He asked me

“You going to make me say it,” I asked him

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he said

“Oh” I just said, I couldn’t tell if he was teasing me or not.

He must have heard disappoint in my voice. “Me too” he whispered in my ear.

I was now smiling, so happy, you know that saying I am on cloud nine will I there right now. We hit the beach...“Ok that was fun but I want to surf,” I told him and he nods his head.

We head toward our stuff took the body board with us, then taken our surfboards out with us we hardback out to the sea. While we were sitting out here waiting for a good wave to take us back in.

“So what you want to do tonight,” he asked

“Why are you asking me,” I asked him. I know answering a question with a question run him nuts.

“Just” is all he says

“There is a 007 tomorrow never dies movie on tonight,” I told him

“Do you think that cabin TV can pick up the channel?” He asked me

“It should,” I told him.

“How many time have you seen it,” he asked me

“too many,” I ask him.

“How about DVD,” he asked

“Like what,” I asked

“I don’t know; we’ll see when we get back” he tells me.

“Ok, here comes’ a wave,” I tell him we both start to paddle in and the wave hit us. I’m so hungry, that tummy starts to make noises. Alec looks at the time it was two we have been in the water for little over an hour and a half.

“Come on, we should find the parents,” Alec said we all head toward the lifeguards where we left our stuff. We start to pick the cricket bag and two surfboards and the body board. Rapping ourselves in towels we head towards the changing rooms and I let my hair down. So it would dry naturally by the sun and 15 mins later we were head towards where the game was to be played. Nigel had to find out where our parents were and so we head toward them which mean food.

When we reached the adults we look our sites and start to pig out on the food. There was rolls, chips, fish balls, switches. There was cans of soft drinks and bottle 2 of mango nectar, Mother knows us so well the only two people who don’t drink soft drinks that were me and Alec everyone else would have cock coca. Funny thing is that we don’t drink any fizzy drink but we eat all the chocolate we can get our hand on, whether it be cakes, cheesecakes, plain chocolate, hot cocoa you name it we will eat or drank it we even drink coffee but not tea.

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