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The First Works of a Novice Writer

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These chapters are various works done by the author throughout her freelance writing journey.

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I am a South African

So let me start by saying. I am a South African. I belong to the Plateau of Table Mountain and the murky waters of Kimberley’s big hole.

My smile derives from the colourful Birds of Eden and my soul roams amongst the animals of the Kruger National Park. I share my ancestors with the people of the Bo-Kaap and for that I am proud to say that I am a South African. I cherish the Island of Robben Island for great men who struggled for freedom. My being floats in the snowflakes that descend over the Drakensberg Mountains.

I speak the language of the people who resided in the Castle of Good Hope. I was born in the beautiful city that was named Cape Town. This is all true when I repeat that I am a South African.

I have the courage of the lion and the mind of the elephant. I am graceful like the horse but I have the fighting spirit of the scorpion.

My heritage comes from the Cradle of Humankind and with all that being said. I can gladly announce: I am a South African!

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